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Zuo Modern Furniture - Contemporary Coolness

The name “Zuo Modern” is almost a redundant phrase; the word “Zuo” already implies contemporary coolness, cutting edge, one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other sophistication. And Zuo Modern delivers; their “Vive” line offers unusual yet completely urban patio furniture in all-weather wicker, aluminum, and polyethylene faux wood. Zuo Modern’s Vive features sleek, clean, angular lines; trendy neutral colors and a top shelf appearance that will have you dragging everyone out to the patio for some “fresh air.”

For example, if you had Zuo’s Clear Water Bay Collection you would definitely want to show it off. This unique deep seating patio set features a boxy, aluminum frame wrapped in Textilene. Textilene is woven PVC-coated polyester; the same fabric used for sling seating. What you end up with is a set of furniture that looks both substantial and breezy at the same time; light filters through the ample frame giving the Clear Water Bay Collection an intriguing and compelling presence. It’s not all about looks, however; the Clear Water Bay Collection is comfortable, just the way casual furniture should be.

Another set I like is the Cove Beach Lounge Set; the shape is reminiscent of a cove, a tucked-away cozy place to unwind and refresh. The nice thing about this set, however, is when you are ready for company; it is too; just rearrange the pieces to provide extra seating.

The Ingonish Beach Collection is a really distinctive set of furniture with just the right mixture of plush and pizazz. This set includes a simple aluminum frame with a woven seat topped by a tufted wonderland of deep, lush cushions. The Ingonish manages to be über contemporary without sacrificing comfort like so many modern designs.

The Wreak Beach Collection is another grouping that I find appealing. Side note: I think that the name is a little “lost in translation” issue and it is supposed to be “Wreck” because there is no Wreak Beach that Google or I know about. I only mention this because Wreck Beach is an internationally famous nudie beach, and how often do I get to write about that? It’s in British Columbia. Where it’s cold most of the time. Go figure. At any rate, the Wreck, aka, Wreak Beach Collection has an open woven-rope like appearance that reminds me of all things nautical and in particular lobster traps. It’s fun and flamboyant (not unlike a nude beach, I assume) and would make for a great conversation piece as well as a great place to have a conversation.

Midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed and snuggle up with your honey in Zuo Modern’s over-the-top Martinique Daybed. This tear-drop shaped resin wicker lounger features a structured canopy with an Arabian feel. It’s great fun and would be awesome for some pool or beachside shade.

Zuo Modern also has some great dining collections; the Deep Water Loveseat Dining Set is particularly remarkable. This 3-Piece set includes two loveseats and a 52”x48” dining table; it serves a double purpose; the loveseats are great for additional seating when you have company, just pull them away from the table. The other thing about this set that is unusual is that the loveseats fit completely under the table, forming a nice, out of the way cube when you aren’t using them. Zuo has other sets like this that fit together like puzzle pieces; not only is it convenient for storage it’s just kind of cool how they do it. Another example is the Sanibel Flex Set – this wonder includes two tables and four cushioned benches that transform from a compact cube to dining for eight! Perfect if you don’t have a lot of extra room or if you want to astound and amaze your friends.

This is just a small sampling of Zuo Modern’s extensive Vive line – if you are a fan of contemporary styling and are tired of the same old patio furniture offerings, check out their entire collection and follow our Pinterest board




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