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Whitecraft Outdoor Furniture by Woodard

In the vast sea of patio furniture, you will find that many ideas and designs repeat themselves over and over and over and over and over. Anything original or unique (and on this side of bizarre) is a rare and welcome find. This is where by Woodard comes in.

The Whitecraft Company has recently aligned itself with the Woodard Company; the marriage of these two American patio furniture giants, with a combined history spanning nearly 200 years, promises a bright future for outdoor living in high style.

I remember the first time I walked into the Whitecraft showroom; I was absolutely amazed at what I saw. While we have established on previous occasions that I am a patio furniture aficionado aka nerd, I would venture to say you would have had the same reaction. This wasn't just your same old same old patio furniture; this was art!

Whitecraft by WoodardThe Whitecraft set that blew me away was the River Run Collection; it is amazing, gorgeous, distinctive; cleverly designed, expertly executed, like nothing I had ever seen in outdoor wicker furniture. Whitecraft has taken aluminum and high density polyethylene wicker and crafted this stunning collection of lodge style, “let's spend our vacation in the Adirondacks" line of furniture.

Powder-coated and hand-finished aluminum frames mimic the beauty of bent birch wood; all those glorious taupes and grays and whites that make the birch tree so distinctive can be found in the astonishing detailing of the River Run Collection. Until you realize that what you are looking at is not wood, but aluminum, you expect to be able to reach out and touch the delicate, flakey bark of a Paper Birch. Instead, you have all of the beauty but none of the worry; no peeling, no rotting, no splintering, no insects; no need to do anything but enjoy how fabulous the “birch" frame appears.

A flawless accompaniment to the birch-like frames is the wonderful variegated wicker weave; incorporating all of those same “birchy" colors, the wicker panels and accents offer the perfect complement and add to the warm, rustic, all natural appearance.

The River Run Collection offers everything you expect in a complete deep seating collection; there are lounge chairs, a sofa, an ottoman. They also offer nothing you expect; a fantastic faux bois (that's a fancy way of saying fake wood) loveseat bench; accent tables with “slices" of tree trunk tops (complete with rings); a coffee table with a canoe (yes, you read that right, I said canoe) base. There is also a remarkable sleeping porch swing; in essence, a hanging bed.

The accompanying dining collection is just as extraordinary and includes a side, arm and rocking chair. The dining tables, available in 48 and 60 inch rounds, have that same “sliced tree trunk" top as the end tables; they are amazing in their realistic appearance.

Chatham Run Deep SeatingAnother exclusive design from Whitecraft that I am particularly fond of is the Chatham, which somehow manages to be swanky and rustic at the same time. The Chatham Run lounge furniture features high backs that are reminiscent of wing back chairs. Like the River Run, the Chatham collection has hand-finished aluminum frames that are incredible renditions of real wood, complete with bark, notches and the “imperfections" found in nature. The rich, dark, all weather wicker seats and accents complete the upscale lodge look.

Chatham Run features unique pieces as well; a darker version of the canoe coffee table and trunk slice top occasional tables. Take a look at the Double Rocker and cocktail table with removable trays.

Imagine two of these gorgeous lounge chairs in front of a fire, a (faux) bear skin rug on the floor, the view from the huge picture window shows the sun setting over miles and miles of pine covered mountains…sigh. Oh, and you need a nice warm, preferably alcoholic, drink to make the picture perfect.

If your tastes run more to transitional and clean contemporary looks, Whitecraft has you covered there as well. The Saddleback, the Sedona and the Domino Collections might suit you. You get the same exemplary design, materials and construction with a sleek, more modern vibe. Looking for an island flavor, check out the South Terrace Collection with its faux bamboo frames. Whitecraft also offers traditional wicker designs, like the Sommerwind or Belmar Collections.

However your particular tastes run, Whitecraft by Woodard has something that will not only suit you, but will make you very, very happy. The combination of expertise from both Whitecraft and Woodard results in all-weather wicker that is crafted to withstand the elements, designed to be in style for years to come, and is a joy to own because there is very little you have to do to keep it looking great.

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