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Which One is the Mom?

When You Accidentally Find Out That Your Head Cashier is a Worldwide Social Media Sensation

We wanted to do a simple Facebook post of one of our employees sitting on an oversized Adirondack chair and after we took the picture and started chatting with her about social media, we come to find out that she was on a Twitter post with her Mom and twin sister that went mega viral. The post simply said “Mom, Twin and Me” and people around the world tried to figure out which one was the Mom.

The views on social media platforms went into the millions. Their story was broadcasted on virtually every National TV network and they made numerous appearances on everything from local news channels to Inside Edition to the Steve Harvey Show.

Which one is the mom?

Meet Kyla Mahomes. She started with us a little over a year ago, and at 19 has already been promoted to head cashier. She is a high spirited, sweet individual and does an excellent job at Family Leisure in Indianapolis. We look forward to a long standing career with her and we are so proud to have her as part of our Family.

Kayla at Family Leisure

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