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Tanning Beds Help the Body Synthesize Vitamin D

Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin, is a secosteroid (a molecule comparable to a steroid, but with a broken ring) found in the body that helps the intestine absorb calcium and phosphate. There are three sources of Vitamin D for humans, two through digestion (natural food and synthetic supplements) and one through the body synthesizing the molecule (sun exposure).

Technically not an essential dietary vitamin in the scientific sense of the word, Vitamin D can be obtained through synthesis, namely through exposure to the sun. An essential dietary vitamin is an organic chemical compound or compounds that can only be obtained through diet, and Vitamin D is rare in people's everyday diets and can be obtained through other mediums.

Scientists discovered the value of Vitamin D while trying to solve the problems associated with a form of osteomalacia called rickets. Today, Vitamin D is added to common grocery items such as milk to help people avoid the devastating bone diseases Vitamin D deficiency can cause.

Vitamin D is needed for the body to absorb calcium and phosphate. Exposure from the sun, particularly ultraviolet light, allows individual cells to synthesize Vitamin D. Absence of this secosteroid in our bodies can result in poor bone mineralization and other bone-related problems.

For many Americans, lack of Vitamin D is a significant problem. In addition to this essential molecule being hard to find in regular food, most Americans stay indoors for half the year, limiting the amount of exposure to the sun. And with our lifestyles increasingly being focused on the indoors, the problem is getting worse.

So how can you gain more Vitamin D in your body? And specifically, how can you obtain more sun exposure during the middle of winter? Have you considered a tanning bed?

Yes, tanning beds provide a wonderful golden tan that looks healthy and builds self-confidence. But there are other benefits of tanning beds, namely the ultraviolet light that helps your body synthesize Vitamin D. Here are a few tanning ideas that will help you gain more Vitamin D in your life:

The Sun Pro Canopy - 12 Lamp by Family Leisure

The Sun Pro Canopy - 12 Lamp from Family Leisure offers a lightweight and clever design, perfect for an apartment or condo. You can easily store this model under a bed or in a closet, rolling it out when you need some exposure to the sun. It's a great idea for someone that needs a little bit of sun every once in a while.

Here are the features of the SunPro Canopy:

  • 76" X 29"
  • Portable
  • Easy Storage
  • Swivel Frame
  • Timer: 20-30 Minutes
  • Total Number of Lamps: 12
  • Lamp Type: 12 x 100W 71" UVA
  • Electric Specifications: 120 Volts, 15 Amp

The Solar Wave 16RE Tanning Bed with Arm and Face Lamps by Solar Wave Tanning Beds

Solar Wave focuses on making tanning units that offer the best tanning experience but without all of the extra bells and whistles, such as audio sound systems and cooling fans. And the Solar Wave 16RE Tanning Bed fulfills this concept of "just the basics".

Solar Wave 16RE

It showcases eight SunFusion lamps designed to effectively tan the face and arms. The standard Wolff lamps are efficient and quite effective, with energy-saving ballasts and reflectors.

Here are the features of the Solar Wave 16RE:

  • Timer: 30 Minutes
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Digital Hour Counter
  • Full Size: 75" x 34" x 48"
  • Receptacle: Standard 110V
  • Large Tanning Surface: 29" x 71"
  • Tunnel Design Surrounds Tanners
  • Protective Canopy & Bench: Strong UV Acrylic
  • Eight (4) Regular Bronzing High-Output Wolff Lamps
  • Four (4) High-Output SunFusion Face Tanner Lamps
  • Four (4) High-Output SunFusion Arm & Face Tanner Lamps
  • Energy-Saving, Economic & Efficient: High-Gloss Aluminum Reflectors & Fulham Electronic Ballasts

The Avalon 24 by ESB Enterprises

Prepare yourself for the ultimate home tanning bed experience. The Avalon 24 offers incredible tanning power along with a luxurious feel. The Sunergy® tanning lamps, each with a built-in reflector, surround you with up to 50% more tanning power than other home tanning systems. The ESB Dual Power (pink & blue) Sunergy Lamps have two levels of tanning power in the Swirl Facial and Swirl Arm/Body areas to address the hardest areas to get an even tan. 

Avalon 24 Tanning Bed

Also loaded into this model are great features, such as the digital controls and a body-cooling system that's quiet, soothing and comfortable, even though it uses five fans. The Avalon Series of Home Tanning Systems is appropriate for the seasoned tanner looking for a great experience.

Here are the features of the fully-loaded Avalon 24:

  • Turbo Fans: 5
  • Premium Acrylics: 2
  • Specifications: 120 Volts
  • High Gloss Reflector: Yes
  • Built in Lamp Reflector: Yes
  • Total Number of Lamps: 24
  • 17 Minute Timer System: Digital
  • Style: Blue Pearl with Silver Trim
  • 8 Sunergy" Swirl Facial Reflector Lamps
  • 8 Sunergy" Swirl Arm Reflector Lamps
  • 8 Sunergy" Select Body Reflector Lamps

Family Leisure has tanning beds for sale with free shipping nationwide, from small portable tanning units for apartments to massive commercial tanning beds for tanning salons. We also offer Tanning Bed Lotions to help your tanning sessions and a full selection of replacement Tanning Bed Bulbs.

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