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Easy Ways To Banish Insects From Your Patio

Unwanted guests... And I’m not talking about your creepy Uncle Roy; you are on your own there. I am talking about all those uninvited intruders that can absolutely ruin a barbeque or outdoor event. Mosquitoes, flies, bees, gnats and all those other flying aggravations can put the kibosh on the best party. There are a multitude of commercial products that can be used to disperse this airborne mob, but gee, sometimes you can take care of issues without using poison.

Mosquitos - First of all, make sure that there is no standing water anywhere in your yard. Check all containers, flower pots, and gutters. Dressing in light-colored, long-sleeved clothing when outdoors also helps.

Mosquitos are not fond of the smell of lemons for some reason; citronella candles emit a lemony smell. Place them around the perimeter in the areas where you are congregating. Plan ahead and plant lemon balm, lemongrass and citronella plants around your gathering areas.

What is citronella? It's an essential oil typically extracted from lemongrass, and is a renowned insect repellent. It has little to no toxicity, and is ideal for homeowners searching for a natural solution to their insect problems.

Catnip is also a natural mosquito repellent, but has the opposite effect on neighborhood cats, so keep that in mind. Dr. T’s Nature Products Mosquito Repellent is another option. A natural, biodegradable formula, these spreadable granules include lemon grass, mint and garlic oil. It’s safe for lawn, pool and patio areas.

Flies - My archenemy; I hate flies. Hate’em, hate’em. Flies are not fond of the smell of lavender; place highly fragranced candles around your outdoor living space. Make a fly trap; pour an inch of fruit scented liquid dish soap into a jar and add an inch of water. The scent of the detergent will attract the flies, the soap keeps them trapped in the jar.

Gnats - Take a glass jar with a lid and punch several small holes in the top of it. Fill the jar with white vinegar, leaving about an inch of empty space at the top. Gnats are attracted to the smell of vinegar and will fly into the jar. Once their wings are wet, they will be unable to fly back out.

Bees - Wear white and keep the cologne in the house; bees are attracted to bright colors and sweet smells. Also make a point to keep any sweet food and drinks covered. Bees aren’t known for their brains so placing a “decoy” in an area that you would prefer them to congregate. The decoy can be a pitcher of sugar water or some flat soda pop. The bees should have their own party and leave yours alone. Another tip to try: put several cloves on the picnic table. They don’t like the smell and should stay away.

Comprehensive Control - Marigolds are the nemesis of several flying insects; plant them around the perimeter of your social areas, or place a pot of them on your table and use it as a centerpiece.

Flying insects take offense at a zip-lock bag, half full of water, with a few pennies tossed in for good measure (two or four). You hang the bag in the area you are partying, and the pests allegedly think they are looking at an enormous bug and will avoid the area. I’ve never tried this, but I am going to, because it is just so weird.

So try these non-toxic methods of insect control; enjoy your outdoor patio furniture and keep Mother Nature happy too. Family Leisure has Patio Furniture to furnish your outdoor living space - view All Family Leisure Patio Furniture here. And we sell many different types of Patio Accessories, including umbrellas, cushions, lighting, tea carts and much much more view All Family Leisure Patio Accessories here.

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