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Towable Inner Tubes

Give your favorite tubers a new thrill this season!

Back in the old days, kids used genuine taken-out-of-a-tire inner tubes to float down the creek or to paddle across the pond. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. By people much older than myself. But now you can buy inner-tubes (and their variations) designed specifically for water sports, in brilliant colors, in all shapes and sizes, outfitted with handles, towing loops, knuckle protectors and integrated seating. Inner-tubing is such a popular activity that amusement parks have rides devoted to the pastime. Inner tubes that float down lazy-rivers (my preference), inner tubes that are used as bumper boats, inner tubes that plummet down slides and race through rapids.

Amusement parks aside, familyleisure.com offers a line of towable tubes that can turn a day at the lake into a fun-filled adventure. And these new inner tubes are constructed so that even the couchiest potato will be glad to put down those game controllers. 

Take the Airhead Live Wire 3 Rider, for example, this fabulously outfitted inner tube is buzzing with color and comforts. The Airhead Live Wire 3 Rider features two towing points, an oversized “cockpit” foam-filled handles, back rests, and those ever popular knuckle guards. Sensational graphics round out this heavy gauged, double-stitched Live Wire; and it comes with patented “Speed Safety Valves” that allow for easy inflation. The Live Wire is also available in a two person version.

If you have three friends or family members that would like to join you for a trip around the lake, the Airhead Switchback 4 Rider might be what you need.  It allows for four people to ride; two sitting, two kneeling. Everyone gets a handle and there are backrests and side panels to keep the riders in the tube and out of the water. If you do fall in, the Switchback has boarding straps to help you climb back on. Two sturdy PVC bladders and double-stitched nylon mean you will be enjoying this towable inner tube for a long time. 


The Airhead Mach 2 was designed for the faint of heart; the riders are safely ensconced in “pods” that surround them for their protection and comfort and have the added security of four handles with neoprene knuckle guards. Like all of Airhead’s tubes, the Mach 2 is durable and will last for seasons to come.

Airhead’s Shockwave 3 can accommodate up to 3 daredevils. It features topside stabilizer fins that will help you stay on the tube and provide an exciting yet safe and comfortable ride. Like all Airhead’s tubes, the Shockwave is constructed of heavy-duty PVC and comes with patented safety valves, making it super easy to inflate and deflate. There is also the Airhead’s Shockwave 2 which offers a smaller version with all the same amenities. 


Take a slice out of life with Airhead’s Super Slice. This high performance tube offers an oversized deck and 6 exclusive handles complete with those neoprene knuckle guards. The Super Slice is crafted of 30 gauge PVC with a robust double-stitched nylon cover. Inflate the Super Slice easily with the Kwik-Connect and Boston valve. The Super Slice tapers in the back to just 6 inches to make it easy to board in the water.

Along with the Airhead line, familyleisure.com also carries Sportsstuff tubes. Sportsstuff features bright racing graphics and unique designs, like the Chariot Warbird 2. This cutting-edge towable tube offers a wide wingspan to allow you to fly over waves and wake while staying put. The Chariot Warbird 2 can be towed in either direction, providing two completely different experiences.

The Great Big Marble by Sportsstuff reminds me of water rides I have seen at beaches while on vacation. This enormous tube ride has side walls to keep you where you belong; you can sit, lie down or knee to change it up; the Great Big Marble also offers two different tow points. A smaller version can be found here.

Sportsstuff Big Bertha is an updated version of the traditional inner tube. Big Bertha is, you guessed it, big. It seats up to 4 people comfortably and offers a cushioned floor, non-slip cushioned handles and a Quick Connect tow system.

Come on, you know you’ve been thinking about the sun on your back, the spray in your face, the wholesome, healthy fun…which you are missing out on if you are leading an inner-tubeless life. Lucky for you, familyleisure.com has all the latest and greatest versions of the inner tube, which means you can shop in your jammies and have it delivered to your door, just in time for the next family gathering or trip to the lake.

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