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Tommy Bahama Outdoor Furniture

There is nothing like a mid-western winter to inspire dreams of sun-kissed sand and swelling turquoise surf. Some people say they like the cold; apparently they enjoy the biting winds, the chapped lips, the dangerous roads. These same people appreciate colonoscopies and root canals. Give me the beach, any day. Give me the sunshine, the sparkling waves, the warm, drowsy afternoons, and the salt in the air (not on my car). Give me the island life.

That's the same thing Tony Margolis and Bob Emfield said when they invented Tommy Bahama. Tommy was their alter ego, their avatar, their perpetual link to the beach. Tommy wore silk shirts with tropical prints, tailored linen pants, and leather sandals. Tommy spent his days deep-sea fishing and his nights drinking from coconuts and chatting up (in one of the nine languages he spoke fluently) waitresses in bikini tops. Tommy had the perfect tan, the perfect wit, the perfect style, the perfect life. Tommy was the original “most interesting man in the world." Tommy Bahama was island life personified. And from Tony and Bob's little game, the Tommy Bahama brand was born.

What started as an exclusive line of men's casual clothing soon expanded into products for women. Then the Tommy Bahama brand naturally developed into items for the home; from rugs to table lamps to ceiling fans; from 4-poster beds to writing desks. But the Tommy Bahama brand became more than just merchandise; it became a sophisticated yet leisurely approach to living a life that embraces the beauty, the relaxation, and the restoration that comes from spending your days at the beach.

It makes perfect sense that Tommy Bahama would venture into a line of patio furniture. And what a line it is; plush, graceful, sophisticated, and exceptional; Tommy Bahama patio furniture is exactly what you would expect from the Tommy Bahama brand. Tommy Bahama incorporates imaginative, beach-worthy designs with the highest-quality materials and unparalleled construction.

There are so many exceptional collections that it is hard to know where to begin; from the effortless curves of the Aviano chaise lounge to the classic geometry of the Tres Chic sectional, Tommy Bahama patio furniture is an essential luxury.

Black Sands Deep SeatingI love the Black Sands collection; it is an elegant cast aluminum line featuring an intricate quatrefoil motif finished in beautiful tortoise; a deep shade of umber with subtle gold low-lights. My particular favorite is the tub chair; an awkward name for something so visually appealing. The Black Sands tub chair swivels, providing an incredibly comfortable and relaxing sit. What's better than one Black Sands tub chair? Four of them, surrounding the Black Sands firepit. This matching gas firepit features the same decorative motif and has a gorgeous marble and travertine top. Picture yourself rocking gently, side to side, nursing a frosty pina colada, zoning out on the blue, yellow and orange flames and just, well, just being. That's the Tommy Bahama lifestyle.

The Black Sands collection includes deep seating, dining, bar and counter height stools and tables, and a luxurious over-sized chaise lounge. Mix and match to turn your outdoor living area into an oasis of refined comfort.

Island Estate Lanai Chaise LoungeJack Frost may be nipping at my nose, but that won't stop me from appreciating the possibilities of the Island Estate Lanai collection. I love every word – island – estate – lanai…I see a sugar cane plantation (I also love the words sugar and cane) in the Caribbean, where I am spending a sultry afternoon lazing under the palms on the Island Estate Lanai Chaise Lounge. This gorgeous wicker chaise has a natural beauty but it is woven of not-a-care-in-the-world high density polyethylene. The whipped cream on this sundae, however, is the thick, lavish, sink-in-and-sigh cushion.

Along with the chaise lounge, Tommy Bahama's Island Estate Lanai collection also offers deep seating, bar and counter height stools, dining and a fabulous firepit.

If you are a beach comber with modern sensibilities, Tommy Bahama's Blue Olive Collection might be your dream come true. The Blue Olive manages to combine natural looking wicker with a contemporary design to create the upscale aura that is the trademark of the Tommy Bahama brand. This distinctive all-weather wicker line features a unique channeled herringbone weave in a gorgeous variegated gray hue. The matching Weatherstone table tops have the appearance (but none of the care) of natural slate. I especially love the Blue Olive dining set; the chairs are distinctive and much more comfortable than your average patio chairs, and Tommy Bahama has taken the care to design table bases that are as much of the design as the tops. Attention to detail is always the mark of an exceptional product. By the way, blue olives? They exist. You may have known this, but I didn't. You can find them in the Mediterranean, where you may also find Tommy Bahama catching up on some rays on an amazing white-sugar beach.

If you are thinking about replacing or upgrading your outdoor furniture, now is the perfect time. Stock is deep, choices are wide, and you have plenty of time to order cushions in your favorite fabrics before spring. If you make it a habit to invest in quality products, particularly if you are a beach-life devotee, do yourself a favor and take a look at the Tommy Bahama brand. Everything you know about Tommy Bahama – an ability to offer comfort without sacrificing class, to allow for fun without losing function, to provide relaxation without regret – you will find in the Tommy Bahama patio furniture line. Whether you live in Monterey, California, Springfield, Illinois, or Cheyenne, Wyoming, Tommy Bahama will bring the island life home to you.

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