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Build a Game Room Inspired By the Spirit of Las Vegas

Praying For Seven Bar StoolNo other artist captures the exuberance, joy and spirit of Las Vegas like Michael Godard. Known as the "Rock Star of the Art World", Godard's artwork features oversized martini glasses, burning cards, motorcycles and other subject matter inspired by Sin City. Godard's most famous characters are the humorous martini olives, adult cartoon characters captured in sometimes compromising situations.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but with Michael Godard Products any homeowner can build a game room, man cave or basement den that would make the entire Rat Pack jealous. Please note these bar stools, dartboard cabinets and neon wall clocks are for the serious lounge lizards only.

Praying For Seven Dartboard and CabinetBuild a game room with matching artwork on the bar stools, wall clock and dartboard, such as with the Praying for Seven Collection of game room products. The artwork on all three in this collection features one of Godard's famous olive characters in a heated game of craps, praying to the gambling gods for that lucky number seven. With two stacks of chips on the line, anyone could feel pity for the little guy.

Perfect for a game room with pool table or poker table or both, all of these Godard products are built for repeated use by large families and visitors. The bar stools offer double rings for strength, a footrest for added support, swivel action in the seats, a beautiful chrome finish and a soft vinyl cushion guests will love. The Praying For Seven Bar Stool is pictured above right; view the 30" Praying For Seven Bar Stool here.

Praying For Seven Wall ClockThe matching Praying For Seven Dartboard & Cabinet showcases a matching scene. The bristle, tournament-style dartboard comes with a removable number ring, dry-erase board, pens and two steel dart sets to get any party started. The cabinet is lush and rich, with sturdy and reliable Pine finished to a light hue similar to Oak. The Praying For Seven Dartboard and Cabinet is pictured above left; view the Praying For Seven Dartboard and Cabinet here.

While the two previous Michael Godard Game Room items are great additions to any space, the highlight of this collection must be the Praying For Seven Wall Clock pictured right; view the Praying For Seven Wall Clock here.

Each Michael Godard wall clock is illuminated with the warm glow of neon just like the Vegas strip. This collection features a red neon strip around the matching scene on the bar stool and cabinet above lit from behind by a white neon light.

These wall clocks are 18" in diameter and showcase a beautiful chrome finish. They plug into any regular power outlet and offer a pull chain that changes the light from a blinking to solid red neon. The blinking feature is a nice touch that adds to the feel of any game room.

Be sure to browse the full selection of Michael Godard Bar Stools, for many can be mixed and matched to create intermingled collections or sets. View All Family Leisure Michael Godard Bar Stools here. And both the Michael Godard Dartboard Cabinets and the Michael Godard Neon Light Wall Clocks can be found in the Michael Godard Game Room Decor section; view All Family Leisure Michael Godard Game Room Decorations here. All of these Michael Godard Game Room products come with free shipping nationwide from Family Leisure!

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