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The Best Hot Tubs for 2020

Family Leisure knows hot tubs; we have been in the business for decades, and we have seen contenders come and we have seen contenders go. After so many years of experience, we like to think that our on-line and in-store selection of spas and hot tubs are the cream of the crop. Actually, we know our spas and hot tubs are the best there are. But that doesn't help you narrowing things down and making a personal choice. So here is Family Leisure's "best of the best" list, compiled just for you. 

Best Easy-to-Install Spa

One of Artesian's Garden Spa line, the Iris Garden Hot Tub is a 110v plug and play model that requires no special wiring. All you do is literally plug it in, warm it up and enjoy. This doesn't mean you are sacrificing high end details, however. The Iris comes with a Digital Control System with LCD Topside controls, a 60 Hz heater, stainless steel jets, an ArticPac insulated bottom, maintenance free cabinet and a built in LED light. DIY, baby, D-I-Y. 

Best Family Size Spa

The Legacy 2 Hot Tub by Viking Spas is the ideal size for a family. Granted, this pick is arbitrary, but since the average size family in the USA is presently 3.24, this spa allows comfortable seating for 4, all positioned for genuine "facetime" and conversation. There are also two additional seats, just in case a grandchild or cousin shows up. With 51 total stainless steel jets, everyone can enjoy a unique combination of neck, power storm, mini storm, cluster storm and ozone for a full body massage. It also provides the perfect ambiance, with a built-in waterfall and indirect ambient lighting, providing a peaceful spot to chill out and connect. 

Best "Just the Two of Us" Spa

The Malibu Hot Tub by American Select Spas is designed specifically for two. Side by side loungers give you the luxury of relaxing right next to your favorite person. Each lounge seat offers neck to feet jets with customizable jet pressure. Turn on the multi-colored underwater light to set the mood, pour out two glasses of wine, tune in some Barry White on that MP3 player, and enjoy your couple time. 

Best Social Butterfly Spa

Bigger is always better when you are the type of person who likes a party. The Bimini 52 Spa by Artesian has room for 9 of your favorite people, plus you, making for comfortable seating for a total of 10! This luxury spa offers two full-body loungers and Artesian's patented double spiral jet pulsation, resulting in the ultimate massage. Be the most popular kid on the block with the Bimini 52! 

Best "Just the Two of Us" Spa

The Piper Glen by Artesian is an award-winner, achieving Consumer's Digest "Best Buy" in the category of Premium Spas. And premium it is. The Piper Glen is designed to provide you with the ultimate spa experience, and comes standard with the patented DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® System, allowing each individual user control of their own hydrotherapy experience. It comes with 67 high-volume jets, 4 full-therapy seats, dual Footblaster Jets, the WhisperPure™ Circulation System, illuminated 24" Allegro Fall, 4 illuminated Bellagio Falls, an LCD panel, and a Titanium Heater. It is WiFi ready (the module is an upgrade) with a multi-language interface. And don't even let me get started on all the optional features available, including corner cabinet lighting, side kick rail lighting, a Bluetooth receiver...and on...and on...and on.

Best Swim Spa

The TidalFit Pro EP-15 Swim Spa by Artesian is pretty darn impressive. Measuring an impressive 180" long by 91" wide by 60" deep, it holds 2000 gallons of water and gives you plenty of room to get in the work-out of your life. And you can do it all at home, with low impact and high results. A quick and continuous sanitation system keeps the water sparkling clean. Not just for swimming, the TidalFit Pro features a heavy-duty, advanced circulation system that also allows for stationary resistance training. And after the work-out is done? Advanced jet, hydrotherapy systems and stereo upgrade options will allow you the coolest cool-down possible. 

Questions? Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always ready to help! You can also check out our helpful guide on how to find the perfect spa, or shop our selection online. As you can see, we have a spa for everyone!

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