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Terrific Trampolines

The new trampolines are as fun as they have ever been but are designed with your family’s safety in mind. The new trampolines are also incredibly versatile; they are a fun and easy way for both children and adults to get some exercise and expend some energy.

Family Leisure offers the Vuly line of trampolines. An Australian original, these trampolines offer the “best bounce” of any other trampoline in the world. It is the safest, strongest, longest lasting and versatile trampoline on the market.

The Thunder Pro XL 16’ Trampoline with Safety Enclosure offers all of this and more. Every component of this remarkable trampoline has been designed for extreme safety, performance and longevity. This trampoline features no problematic springs or frame to cause injury. It offers a "soft-edged" experience, featuring their exclusive Leaf Springs that not only power you to the best bounce possible, but also offer the highest weight rating, so everyone can enjoy.

In addition, the Thunder Pro XL safety net is so strong you don’t have to think about getting grazed, injured by poles or falling into the frame. The bottom is also fully enclosed with netting to prevent anything from getting underneath the mat.

This incredible trampoline is resistant to rust, cracking and scratches and is designed to last a lifetime.

The cherry on top of this sundae? No nuts and/or bolts required for installation and no tools required.

Take a look at this incomparable trampoline as well as its accompanying products like the mister,
basketball goal and tent bundle. Yes, that’s right, tent bundle! That trampoline can be used 24/7 all season long with this tent enclosure and shade that converts into the most comfortable tent ever.

Check out all of the Family Leisure outdoor recreation equipment.

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