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These Swimways Pool Toys Are Cool, Hip & Awesome

Flood Force Water CannonLocated in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Swimways makes pool supplies, including some of the coolest pool toys available on the market today. Simply speaking, their line of kid's products is awesome. Let's review some of the neat items your kids will love to have in their swimming pool! 

Flood Force Water Cannon

Defend any swimming pool with the Gatling gun of water guns, the Flood Force Water Cannon (right). The arm crank blasts an endless stream of water across the swimming pool, lake or backyard. It will literally blow away those small squirt guns!

The base of this neat pool toy is placed in the water. As your little water soldier cranks the arm, the water is drawn up through the gun, blasting out at enemies a never-ending stream. And this pool toy comes highly recommended from such sources as Fox News, Toy Insider and San Diego Family Magazine. View the Flood Force Water Cannon here.

Bubble Ring BlasterBubble Ring Blaster

Built to resemble the weapon of a mad scientist or super villain, the Bubble Ring Blaster (left) blasts air bubbles underwater! It's like some wild weapon found in a science fiction novel!

In one dive your little swimmer can blast up to 20 bubble rings, unleashing a torrent of risk-free air bubbles. It's a fun and innovative way for the kids and adults in the family to have a "blast" in the swimming pool! View the Bubble Ring Blaster here.

Toypedo OriginalToypedo Original

Designed for the little diver in your family, the Toypedo Original (right) from Swimways and Family Leisure is ultra-cool and hip. This little pool toy will zip through your swimming pool, gliding through the water up to 30 feet.

No batteries are required and it comes in three assorted styles we promise your kids will love. Toss a few in the water and watch as they waste hours diving, chasing and burning energy. It's like a mini-torpedo for the swimming pool your kids will love to chase around! View the Toypedo Original here.

Light-Up Beach BallLight-Up Beach Ball

Wow! Light up nighttime in your backyard's swimming pool, or maybe at that midnight beach party, with the Light-Up Beach Ball (left). Beach balls are fun beach supplies, but when nightfall hits, they become just plain boring.

This model grants you the ability to toss, splash and play with a beach ball, even at night! Green, red and blue LED lights start shining and glowing when the ball is impacted. A great pool supply that can be used at the beach! View the Light-Up Beach Ball here.

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