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What In The World Is A Swim Spa?

Simply put, swim spas are one part swimming pool and one part hot tub. Swim spas are a lot like oversized hot tubs, except they have special features that facilitate different types of exercise that cannot be done in a regular hot tub. They are called swim spas because, as is the case with the Tidalfit Swim Spas, they are large enough and powerful enough that people can swim against the current for exercise. Instead of making flip turns at each end of the pool, the swimmer just keeps swimming against the current without actually moving forward. But, the swim spa can also be used for other exercise, like rowing, walking against the current, or relaxing for hydrotherapy.
Swim Spa
Who Uses A Swim Spa?
Swim spas are most utilized by people who are looking for wellness benefits. For some, this means rigorous exercise like water aerobics, rowing or swimming. Swim spas are also popular among people who are looking for home hydrotherapy systems. Some medical conditions, like arthritis and fibromyalgia, can be soothed with exposure to the warmth and different water flow features of a swim spa. And, of course, swim spas are enjoyable purely for fun as hot tubs that accommodate large groups or mini-swimming pools for kids.
Which Swim Spa Is Best For My Home?
First, ask yourself: What kind of user am I?  Are you the kind of user who is primarily looking for exercise benefits, or are you someone who will use the swim spa primarily for relaxation in large groups? Someone looking for exercise benefits ought to look for a swim spa with different types of exercise equipment integrated into the design, like bars for rowing or powerful currents for fast swimming. If you’re looking for therapeutic benefits primarily, you’ll want to consider factors like water temperature, seat shape and accessories like built-in radio and speakers.  

Second, think: location, location, location.  Will you place your swim spa indoors or outdoors? Swim spas vary in material, and some are better suited for outdoor placement than others. Also, what type of installation will you prefer? Some swim spas can be installed completely into the ground. Others require partial inground installment, and some sit above ground. What can your ground accommodate, and what do you want your swim spa space to look like? Will you build a deck around the above ground version, or will you need to dig a hole for inground installation?

Third, try one out.  By giving a swim spa a test run, you’ll find out what features are important to you. The greatest variations in swim spas are features. Swim spas like the Tidalfit line by Artesian Spas come with options galore. You can upgrade to enjoy features like rowing bars, strength training resistance cords, aqua treadmill, powerful jet systems, hydrotherapy systems, integrated stereo systems, complex LED lighting arrangements, water purification systems and WiFi spa controls.

Once you can answer questions like these for yourself, turn to a swim spa dealer like Family Leisure and we’ll walk you through identifying, purchasing and installing your tailor-made home swim spa.
Tidal Fit Swim Spa

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