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Swim Spa Exercises

Hydro fitness is becoming increasingly popular; all you need is water and you will have everything you need for a complete cardio/strength training work out. Hydro fitness provides resistance, it increases your caloric burn, it is low-impact and it will help increase your flexibility. As with any exercise routine, make sure you consult with a physician before you begin. Remember to stay hydrated; you may not feel yourself sweating, but you still need your H2O.


Walk/Jog - Walk in place for a few minutes; raise your knees as high as you are able. After a few moments, adjust the jets to increase the resistance. Walk while pushing into the current. Reverse directions and repeat. Walking and jogging in your swim spa will work your lower body and will strengthen your core.

Pendulum - Place your feet together and jump from side to side (like a pendulum). The higher you lift your knees, the greater the results.

Crunch - Have a seat and extend your legs, knees and feet together. Pull your knees towards your chest, then extend. Repeat. Work your way up to 20 reps.

Bicycle - Stay seated and hold onto the edge of your spa; lift your legs and pedal. 

Kickboard - This is an all around exercise; great for the legs, great for cardio. Utilizing a kickboard, extend your arms out straight and paddle against the current. Increase the water resistance as you increase your endurance.

Strength Training - Utilize resistance bands or water weights to work on your upper body strength.

Swim! Crank up the current and do your "laps." But start slowly, and work your way up. Your heart will thank you. Mix it up; start out with a freestyle stroke, advance to the breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

Relax...yeah, you have a hot tub. Crank up the heat, sink down and feel great that you just worked out.

And if you don't have a spa of your own, check out https://www.familyleisure.com/Spas-Hot-Tubs


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