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Staycation Ideas

The idea of staying home for vacation has become increasingly popular over the past decade; travel can be uncertain and a hassle; there's the weather to consider, budget concerns, even the current political climate. Sometimes it just makes sense to lay low and enjoy the familiar. But a Staycation doesn't have to be boring; in fact, you might find that staying home is every bit as fun and certainly more relaxing than traveling.

If you are staying home this year; plan to dial down and tune out the rest of the world just like you would on a regular vacation. Don't take calls from work, stay off your email, don't set an alarm clock. Plan to sleep in and take naps. Unplug from electronics, ignore the dust bunnies, don't do laundry, spend a day or two in your pajamas and leave the guilt behind. If there are kids to entertain, think of some family friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. You don't have to stay holed up in the house; become a tourist in your own community. You may be surprised to find out what you've been missing right down the road.

Some Staycation ideas:

Go to a local hotel for a few nights. Look for one that offers spa treatments or has an indoor water park for the kids. Order room service, enjoy the maid service. Or check out a local bed and breakfast.  

Go camping! This can be as simple as setting up a tent in the backyard to setting up camp at one of your local campgrounds or state parks. Many campgrounds and state parks offers special programs and activities for the whole family. Roast some marshmallows, look at the stars, unwind and enjoy each other for a few days.

Day trips. You may be surprised what your state has to offer; even the "fly over" states, of which I am partial, offer all kinds of hidden gems. Check out onlyinyourstate.com for all kinds of ideas and resources. Who knew that flat and humble Indiana offers an ”Ultimate Indiana Waterfalls Road Trip" or that there is an Indiana Wine Trail featuring six artisan wineries? If its warm, rent a convertible and let your hair down.

You can become a tourist without really going anywhere. You know you've never made it to that (monument, museum, tour, event, restaurant, zoo, view) even though you've lived there all your life. Check out tripadvisor.com and see what the real tourists are saying about what is great about your city or state and check it out for yourself.  Or open up a state map, close your eyes and take a stab. Go check out those little hidden gems, those mom and pop restaurants and roadside markers. See what's out there! Lollygag.

Movie Marathon. Everyone in the family gets to choose their favorite movie for a great lounging and bonding time. Stock up on the snacks and cozy up. Talk about why a particular movie is your favorite and get to know your family all over again.

The First Annual _______________. Start a new tradition with your family and host an activity or tournament that will become an annual event. Board games, outdoor games, contests or competitions; hikes, bike rides, field days - you don't have to wait until birthdays or holidays to enjoy special times together.

Explore your Inner Artist. Sign up for a one day class and try out painting or glass-blowing, aerial yoga, archery - whatever sounds appealing and is being offered in your area. Use your time off to enrich your life with new interests. Host your own "cocoa and canvas" event at home and see what the family can come up with if you give them a canvas and some paint.

And, of course, Family Leisure has all kinds of ways to equip your home for a year round Staycation with pools, spas, pool tables, game tables, swing sets and outdoor gyms and so much more. Check us out at familyleisure.com.


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