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Get The Kids Out The Door & Into The Snow!

We take a break from this agonizing, constant, annoying, ridiculousness of political prattle to bring you images of… snow. Yes, snow. Push aside all thoughts of missing email, locker room talk and the sheer buffoonery that has become our presidential race and think about snow. Those blindingly beautiful, glorious, sparking in the sun, frozen flakes of H2O that coat the countryside with a sense of quiet peace…you know, snow.

I know, I get it; grown-ups see snow and think omg the kids aren’t going to school today, my car is stuck in a ditch, who’s going to shovel my driveway, it’s so gosh darn cold outside, I can’t wait until summer, one of these days I am going to live in Florida. Those same adults, when they were themselves kids, saw snow and said Yay! Snow day!! Snowball fight!! Snowmen!! Ice skating!! Snow sledding!! Cold cheeks and cocoa! Yay!!!

Come on, don’t you remember how much fun it was to play outside in the snow? Before you were worried about tow trucks and SPF? When a runny nose and tingly toes paled in comparison to tromping through a huge, glistening snow drift? When you raced outside and your mom (or dad) yelled at you to come back in and get your boots or mittens on?

It’s time to get your kids out the door and into the snow; it’s time they experienced sunlight and fresh air and blue lips. Maybe not blue lips, but definitely snow and all its recreational and social possibilities.

They aren’t going to budge from the couch, however, unless you can offer them some reason to go outside.

Here is a whole pile of reasons to layer-up and head out the door:

First of all - snowballs. Snowball fights. Snowball fights with the added bonus of a Snowball Cannon, Snowball Launcher, Snowball Maker, and a Snowball Grenade Launcher. Airhead Outdoor Toys has an entire stockpile of durable outdoor toys that will turn any little skirmish into a battle royale. Can’t decide which one to buy? Check out the Super Snowball Fun Kit that comes with the cannon, grenade maker, launcher, and a slingshot! Come on, mom, log off the Pinterest and go outside and play with your kids. They will love it.

snowball cannon

Second of all, but in conjunction with snowballs – a snow fort. A snow stockade, a snow wall, a snow castle. All made super easy to build with the help of the Airhead Snow Brick Maker. All you do is pile in some snow, pack it down, shake it out and voila – the kids are well on their way to building the own little snow village.

The third element of the best day EVER is the sled. When I was a kid we had a splintery wooden death trap with sharp metal runners…and we loved it. Our favorite sledding spot was a steep hill that actually propelled you across a gravel road and straight into a creek; the idea was to avoid it at the last minute. Sometimes it worked.

Today’s sleds are stream-lined, simple and have no sharp edges. Airhead and SportsStuff have an assortment of sleds that will satisfy the most nervous parent and adventurous kid.

First up, their line of inflatable sleds. These are not drugstore lifesavers that pop if you look at them; these sleds are constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with Cold-Crack additive. This keeps the PVC from cracking no matter how low the temperature drops. (You have no idea how difficult it is for me to not make a joke about other cold cracks.) They come equipped with speedy safety valves for easy inflation and deflation (great for storage purposes). Check out the Gizmo; not only does it look cool, it comes with a Swiftex directional bottom. All you have to do is lean to the left or right and you can steer the sled. The Descender is another inflatable sled with unique style; it features stabilizer wings and four foam filled nylon handles. Heavy PVC bladders ensure that the Descender will be thrilling your kids for seasons to come.

The Gizmo

Descender Inflatable Snow Sled by Airhead
The Descender

They also have a line-up of inflatable tube sleds. These sleds are also constructed of heavy-duty PVC with Cold-Crack Additive and Speed Safety Valves. They offer heavy-duty molded handles that will accommodate thick gloves and mittens. The Amerisport is a traditional tube done up in non-traditional graphics; it allows for riding in several different positions. The Double Amerisport has all the features of the single but offers two intertwined tubes that allows for two riders.  The Snow-Nut boasts a puncture resistant tarpaulin bottom with a double-stitched polyester cover. The handy pull handle makes it easier to get it back up the hill. Oh yeah, you have to walk back up. And finally, the Justa Tube; a 40” diameter ebony donut that is hypoallergenic and proffers a “no stick, no scratch” Schrader valve stem. All of the tube style sleds can also be used in the water; making them great to have around if global warming gets out of hand.

Double Amerisport Inflatable Snow Sled by SportsStuff
Double Amerisport

Justa Tube by SportsStuff
Justa Tube

Another Airhead inflatable that is more of a sleigh than a sled is the adorable Infant Show Snow. This oversized high top tennis shoe provides the perfect setting for your adorable infant to enjoy a tow around the neighborhood. It has a backrest and side walls to keep the baby safely inside and a slick bottom and tow rope to allow for ease of use.

Airhead also offers non-inflatable plastic sleds which have the benefit of being super-lightweight and durable, making them perfect for the slopes. Or, as a snowboarder would say, for “shredding the gnar.”

The plastic sleds are constructed of high impact plastic that will stay pliable and will withstand cold temps. The Bullet Sled is a single rider version with a snappy design and an exhilarating descent. The generically named Plastic Sled and Plastic Toboggan are single and double rider versions, featuring molded runners for straight downhill jaunts. The Plastic Disc is a variation on the old metal disc sleds; no dents or bumps or peeling paint; the Plastic Disc is nearly indestructible high impact plastic. 

Zig-Zag Steering Sled Gimme A Brake Sled Roll It Up Sled

A little fancier is the Zig-Zag Steering Sled; this hinged version allows for swivel steering action. The Gimme A Brake! It offers…you guessed it…handbrakes that also control the steering. And, last but not least, the Roll It Up; the ideal sled for urban apartment dwellers; when you aren’t using it, just roll it up and store it away.

Get ready for your family’s best winter ever with the help of snow toys and accessories from Airhead and SportsStuff. Yay, snow!!!


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