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What is the difference between the levels of tanning beds in salons?

tanning lotions on sale nowAre you confused about the different levels of tanning beds offered by tanning salons? What is the difference between Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and sometimes even Level 5 and Level 6 tanning beds and tanning booths? Customers in today's tanning salons have multiple choices... what is the best choice for you and your skin?

Tanners will find all of the information they need to make the correct choice here. In short, the difference between the levels has to do with tanning power, with the lowest being Level 1 and moving up in power with each subsequent Level.

How exactly does this work?

Level 1 and Level 2 tanning beds offer low pressure bulbs, while Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 offer medium to high pressure bulbs. High pressure bulbs offer lower amounts of UVB rays with increased amounts of UVA rays. UVA rays are the specific rays that bronze your skin. So that means the higher Levels will bronze your skin faster, and the resulting tan will last longer. This allows the tanning salon to offer their customer's options, with introductory Level 1 and Level 2 for the first time or infrequent tanners, to the higher Levels for those seeking a deeper and darker experience.

What are you looking for when you tan?

Level 1 tanning beds are the basic beds, with tanning times that are long but usually priced low. A Level 1 tanning bed is an economic option, but they produce high levels of UVB rays, the rays that can cause sunburn if not used properly. If you love the experience of relaxing in a tanning bed, Level 1 tanning beds are the perfect choice for you. With longer tan times (sometimes longer than 20 minutes), these beds are great to sit back, relax and imagine laying on a beach in Florida. They are also great options for tanners maintaining a tan or seeking a base tan for a sunny vacation or upcoming trip to the beach. But you will need to visit these beds often to gain even a basic tan.

18 Select by Family Leisure

Level 2 tanning beds are very similar to Level 1 beds in both lamps and pricing, but they typically offer specific facial lamps and arm lamps designed to tan these odd areas that Level 1 tannings beds do not offer. They also sometimes offer an upgrade in the regular body lamps. Typically they achieve this upgrade by either offering medium pressure bulbs, or the same low pressure bulbs, but with an increase in the numbers. These beds will often carry more than 35 lamps.

Avalon 24 by ESB Enterprises

Next are the high pressure tanning beds, which increase in power from Level 3 to Level 6, depending on your salon (the levels offered in commercial settings typically end at 4... rarely do salons offer 5 and 6). These beds will offer many lamps, sometimes more than 55 bulbs. The results from these high pressure Levels are awesome, with faster tanning times and darker tans. Imagine cutting both the time it takes to tan and the amount of tanning sessions in half or even by 75%... that's the experience received from a higher level tanning bed.

Alpha 7900 - Commercial by KBLLevel 3 and Level 4 tannings beds feature lower amounts of UVB rays (sometimes removing up to 99%), with an increase in UVA rays in comparison to lower Level beds. So not only are your tan times shorter, but you only need to visit the salon a few times a month, as opposed to a few times a week with a lower level... and your tan is richer, lasting longer than with a lower level.

Obviously this upgrade in speed comes at a premium. Tanning salons will charge more for Level 4 tannings beds. But if your time is valuable, this extra money can be worth the trouble. Why? With Level 1 and Level 2 tanning beds tanners need to come back several times a week if they want to maintain that tan. With Level 3 and Level 4 tanners only need to visit the salon once a week or sometimes once every two weeks. For those on the go, this is a great convenience.

So to recap Level 1 tannings beds are great for tanners needing to save money or looking for a base tan before a vacation. Level 2 tannings beds are the perfect match for tanners needing extra color in the face and other areas that are hard to tan. Both Level 1 and Level 2 grant tanners the experience of relaxing in a comfortable and warm tanning bed. Level 3 offers medium pressure lamps with lower UV rays and more UVA rays, providing a faster and deeper tan than Level 1 and Level 2. And finally Level 4 tanning beds (and up) feature ridiculously fast tanning times, with sometimes next to zero UVB rays, guaranteeing a dark tan with virtually no chance of a sunburn.

So there you have it. Everything you need to know to make a sound choice next time you walk into a tanning salon and they ask: "which level of tanning bed do you prefer?" Now armed with the best information, you can feel confident in your choice.

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