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Gold Standard of Grill Islands

The Saber Premium Grill Island hosts a combination of top selling grill components and is constructed with the highest quality outdoor island materials. Customers favor the Saber SS 500 Infrared Grill over any other, so, naturally, that’s the grill you’ll find in the limelight on the Saber Premium Grill Island. This Holy Grail of Grilling features low pre-heat time, infrared direct heating, controlled cooking zones, and it runs on 30% less fuel than traditional gas grills. The grill comes with a grill brush so you can always keep it as bright and shiny as the day you meet. Directly below the SS 500, the Saber Single Access Vertical door opens to house your propane or natural gas tank, and leaves additional wiggle room for extra storage. Finally, the Grill Island features the Saber Stainless Steel Refrigerator with 4.1 cubic feet of cooling storage. Each component is constructed with durable 304-grade all-weather stainless steel.

Each Saber component slides into measured cutouts on a superbly attractive grill island. The countertop is outlined with darker Salsette Outdoor-Rated Tile that has a graphite coloring. Inside tiles are lighter tanned Kalva Outdoor-Rated Tile. Tiles are filled in with gray grout. From floor to countertop, each corner is built with Bucks County Cultured Stone. It’s the kind of stone that homes are constructed with, and it is engineered for vertical building. Many grill islands are built with pavers’ cement that isn’t meant to build vertically, rendering the island visually unappealing, heavy, and immobile. The rest of the Grill Island is made of tanned stucco that is real stucco through-and-through, built with the same technique that’s used in the construction of stucco homes. It’s not painted on or otherwise watered down, so it stands up flawlessly to the elements and doesn’t show nicks. As a finishing touch, front and center on the island is a hole for easy umbrella placement. Each component is built with style, all-weather durability and mobility in mind. Should the wear and tear of rough use and party fouls befall your Saber Premium Grill Island, we include an Outdoor Care Package that includes our Tile Repair Kit, additional corner stones and our Stone Repair Kit, and our Stucco Repair Kit.

How’s she run, you ask? The island includes an internal GFI that can run with an extension cord hooked to your home’s electrical outlet, or an electrician can run a hard 110V electrical line that is more energy efficient. Two additional power outlets are prominently located to give grill masters the versatility to plug in blenders, radios, fans, or what have you.

You’ve installed the Saber Premium Grill Island in your backyard and you’ve fallen in love. You’re getting ready to move homes. Is it time for a sad goodbye to the Grill Island of your dreams? No, this island can make the move with you. Whew.

Feel free to try your hand at constructing an island using similar components. We challenge you to come up with a more competitively priced, sleeker, more compact Grill Island than the Family Leisure Saber Premium Grill Island masterpiece.

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