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The Saber Experience

SABER SS 500 InfraredYou can’t have summer without cook-outs; they are part and parcel of our culture and the one time that some of us moms can relax while dad takes over the cooking. I think this is some throw-back to cavemen times; they hunted, they killed, they cooked. But that’s just a guess. I do know I enjoy sipping on a daiquiri while my husband attends to the entrée.

The beauty of today’s grilling experience is that you aren’t limited to hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. You can, quite literally, cook anything on a grill. But not all grills are created equal. Take, for instance, Saber Grills. I love that word, “saber,” it’s all swash-buckley and forty-knightish. A saber is, in fact, a sword with a single cutting edge. And it’s this edge that Saber Grills have.

Saber has a patented infrared technology that locks in the natural juices and moisture of your food. This removes “flare-ups” and allows food to good quickly and efficiently. Saber grills also feature “zonal cooking.” With zonal cooking, you can choose the number of cooking zones you want to use at any given time. With their proprietary infrared cooking system, each burner is enclosed in a separate compartment so that the temperature of one doesn’t affect the temperature of another. So you can turn out juicy steaks while you are roasting red peppers; bison burgers while you are grilling up some shrimp kabobs and they can all cook at appropriate temperatures at the same time.

Saber technology is “so advanced you can actually taste the difference.” And isn’t that what it’s all about? With Saber, your lowly hot dogs cook up juicy and delicious; your hamburgers will make you wonder why you ever “drove thru” any fast-food restaurant; your seafood will have you feeling ocean breezes; your corn on the cob will transport you to the state fair; your steaks will mesmerize you with all their luscious beauty. And if that’s not enough, Saber grills are easier to clean; the grease vaporizes instead of clogging the emitter.Whether you need a free-standing grill or a built-in model; natural or LP gas, Saber has a model to suit you. And don’t think that Saber is one of the uber-expensive grills that will require dipping into your kid’s college fund to purchase.  It is one of the best values among premium grills; patented technology, untouchable grilling performance, superior materials combined with the highest quality construction. Saber delivers all the performance and features you want at a reasonable price.

Getting bored with bratwurst and sirloin? How does “Pork Tenderloin Featuring Strawberry Jalapeno Elixir” sound? Or a “Divine Burger Stuffed with Cheddar and Bacon?” Yep. Me too. Saber Grills “A Better Barbeque Experience.”

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