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Saber makes it easy with their new EZ Outdoor Kitchens

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home because people seem to always gather there, and why not? That’s where dinner is born. And lunch, and breakfast…and midnight snacks. But even beyond the food, there’s something about the whole process of cooking, of providing sustenance for your family and friends, that is rooted in love. Love. That’s probably what really draws people to the kitchen – the meatloaf is just a bonus.

A backyard kitchen can provide those good feelings and yummy bonuses too; and what better way to outfit it than with a Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen? It’s Saber…and its EZ…you just can’t lose.

Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchens are a new line offered by Saber Grills, LLC; a company that is typified by their determination to produce A Better Barbeque ™. This means you can expect Saber grills to have better construction, produce a better cooking experience, have a better appearance, and be better priced. Just better, all around.

The cornerstone of Saber’s EZ Outdoor Kitchen is the aforementioned better grill. It features an infrared cooking system, designed exclusively by Saber. What’s so great about infrared? Well, besides the fact that you can use it to (not) see Big Foot and ghosts, infrared, when applied to cooking, helps you to be a better chef.

saber ez outdoor kitchen

An infrared grilling system lets you complete the cooking process quickly and efficiently. You use less gas, your grill will pre-heat rapidly, and the process does away with flare-ups. How does infrared grilling work, you ask? Or maybe you don’t, but I will tell you anyway. Infrared heat is not some new invention; anything that emits a temperature over absolute zero degrees, including you, also emits infrared heat. Infrared is radiant heat, which, simply put, involves transferring heat energy from one source to another via electromagnetic energy waves. The sun transferring warmth to the back of your shoulders on a summer afternoon involves infrared heat.

There is some form of infrared heat present in any type of grill The biggest difference is that in typical grills, most of the cooking is done by heated air, aka convection cooking. The air heats, it circulates, and it cooks. This means cooking takes longer, and there is a greater likelihood that the ridiculously expensive steak you bought is going to dry out. In an infrared grill, the heat radiates directly into the food; less air and less time equals a better outcome for your filet. It will bring your juicy back.

But enough of that; back to the Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen. This new line-up by Saber features kitchen islands fashioned from non-corrosive, heavy-duty aluminum with a lovely powder coating. This translates to long-lasting, low maintenance good looks. Add Saber’s exclusively constructed premium grade 304 stainless steel kitchen components and top it off with one of their previously described infrared gas grills. Then take a step back and say wow!

The Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen cabinet was designed for quick and easy assembly and weighs shy of 150 pounds. It can be put together in less than an hour and comes prewired with a GFCI outlet. These versatile 7’ long units can be set up anywhere, including on your wooden deck. The Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen and can be moved if you change your mind; it can likewise go with you if you happen to change neighborhoods. If you relocate, you don’t have to leave the Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen behind!

The Saber EZ Outdoor Kitchen is available in two series, the “I” and the “R.” The I Series comes with an integral three burner infrared gas grill as well as an 18,000 BTU dual-burner side burner. It features a drop-in ice chest and a double access door conveniently located under the grill.

The R Series is a small step up and features the same three burner infrared grill and 18,000 BTU dual burner side burner. It also comes with a 4.1 cubic foot refrigerator rated for outdoor use, a handy double drawer/double door combination and an enclosed paper towel holder.

There’s no reason why your home can’t have two hearts, i.e. two kitchens. Just be sure to season everything, indoors or out, with love. Saber makes it easy with their new EZ Outdoor Kitchens.

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