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The Market's Best Grill Accessories - Twin Eagles

From the ancient streets of Rome to the modern highways of America, throughout history the eagle has been a symbol of strength and power. Eagles dominate their environments, and many cultures have used the image of these graceful birds to represent their own predatory dominance.

So it's appropriate that Twin Eagles, Inc., established by Dante Cantal in 2000, uses these iconic birds to represent their incredible brand. In addition to their line of impressive gas grills, Twin Eagles offers some of the very best, and inventive, grill accessories available on the market today. All of this successful innovation and inventiveness can be traced back to Dante Cantal.

Dante Cantal - Certified Gas Engineer

Developing his skills at creating grills in commercial atmospheres, Cantal is a world-renowned and award winning grill engineer. Cantal was educated as a mechanical engineer, receiving his degree from the University of St. Tomas in Manila, Philippines. Upon graduation Cantal worked as a product designer of appliances for Philacor (Philippine Appliance Corporation).

By the early 1980s Cantal had moved to the United States. His work focused on designing commercial gas cooking appliances for the U.S. Range Company. This experience served him well, for throughout the 1980s and 1990s Cantal designed commercial kitchen equipment for resorts, hotels, restaurants, casinos and lodges.

By the mid-1990s Cantal was making waves in the commercial appliance industry, becoming quite popular, serving through various posts and winning many awards. They include: ASGE West Coast Chapter President (1993 and 1994), Institute for the Advancement of Engineering Fellow (1995), Art Theobald Award Winner, the highest honor given by American Society of Gas Engineers (2000) and president of the ASGE National Office (2007 to 2009).

Efficient & Beautiful Twin Eagles Grills

With Twin Eagles Grills anyone can bring home an extremely efficient gas grill, such as the 42" Gas Grill with Base pictured above right at the top of this post (view the 42" Gas Grill with Base here). Like all Twin Eagles Grills, this model uses a mix of radiant heat from ceramic briquettes with direct heat from specifically placed ports and channels to grill steaks, cheeseburgers, bratwursts and other foods. This system means the grill will quickly heat up while using less gas and creating virtually no hot spots or heat zones along with the reduction of flare ups and rogue flames.

And this legendary designer pairs the efficient design with incredible beauty. All Twin Eagles Grills offer blue exterior LED accent lights on the control panels, seamless stainless steel and modern, geometric designs. Each grill is truly a piece of artwork!

The Best Grill Accessories

Yes, with Twin Eagles Grills any homeowner can bring home an efficient outdoor gas grill designed by one of the best designers in the industry. But the true attractions of this brand are the very best grill accessories available on the market today. The list is long and impressive, with inventive and innovative items.

Take the Dine & Breakfast Club from Twin Eagles pictured above left as an example (view the Dine & Breakfast Club here). This item offers the unique combination of griddle and side burner. Perfect for creating breakfast or brunch, the combination unit can cook mountains of bacon, eggs, sausages, omelets and other morning foods.

But perhaps the most inventive Twin Eagles item, not only offered by this manufacturer but perhaps offered by the entire gas grill industry, is the patented Salamangrill with Base pictured right (view the Salamangrill with Base here). We promise you will not find another item like this one out on the market!

The Salamangrill combines the best features of an indoor toaster oven with best features of an outdoor gas grill. It will quickly (less than 90 seconds) generate 1,700 degrees of raw cooking power! This gas-powered infrared burner will flash cook pizzas in four minutes, steaks and fish in six minutes and chickens in less than eight minutes.

The patented design of the Salamangrill showcases a cooking grate underneath an infrared gas burner. The cooking grate rolls in and out like a toaster oven tray! Perfect for cooking pizzas (it comes with a 13" pizza stone), this item is truly breaking ground in the industry.

Be sure to browse the full selection offered by Twin Eagles and Family Leisure; view all Twin Eagles Grills and Accessories here. The long list includes Teppanyaki griddles, power burners, outdoor refrigerators, beer dispensers, warming drawers and much more. All of these Twin Eagles Grills, like all grills from Family Leisure, come with free shipping nationwide; view all Family Leisure Grills here.

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