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Remember the Titans

Why settle for being the grill “god” when you can be a Titan?

What’s a Titan you ask? If you had paid any attention in high school when you were studying mythology you would know the answer to that question. The Titans were the original supreme rulers of the universe; they were the pre-Olympian gods; Zeus and all his buddies were just the new kids on the block.

How can you take your place among the pantheon of supreme beingness (at least in regards to hamburgers and the occasional steak)? The work’s all been done for you – all you need is a Titan grill.

Titan grills are gas grills that offer Mt. Olympus features for average joe prices. Every component is first class, from the stainless steel grill carts to the stainless steel burners to the stainless steel bezel knobs. Are you seeing the pattern here? Titan utilizes premium commercial grade stainless steel to ensure that their grills are worthy of their name.

Let me take you on a shiny, shiny tour. The grill heads on a Titan are both beautiful and practical. These dual-lined 304 commercial grade stainless steel grill heads have highly polished edges and ergonomically designed handles. Every Titan grill is fitted with commercial grade stainless steel tube burners that eliminate hot spots and guarantee even heat distribution. The cooking grates are…you guessed it…solid stainless steel. This allows them to maintain and transfer even heat and deliver gorgeous sear marks to seal in all that juicy goodness.

In addition, Titan grills offer a distinctive briquette system that delivers a blend of both indirect and direct flame cooking. The result is more even heat distribution which produces food that tastes and looks better and cooks in less time than a completely indirect flame system. Four and five burner grills come equipped with an infrared back burner that supplies 10,000 BTUs of additional cooking power. You can use your Titan as an oven if you want and add an optional rotisserie for even more cooking options.

And speaking of options, Titan has everything you could want and more. Along with the rotisserie (and who wouldn’t want a rotisserie?!) Titan has a complete line of gas grill accessories that are…wait for it…commercial grade stainless steel; some come with gleaming chrome finishes.

Last but not least, all of Titan’s stainless steel grill carts are the perfect accompaniment to your grill head. Double shelves, magnetic double doors, heavy-duty locking casters and a large storage area for propane tanks or anything else you want to tuck away.

“Immortalize your grilling” with a Titan grill. And if you get a rotisserie (you have to get a rotisserie) try this recipe:


Ono Hawaiian Chicken

1 whole chicken – approx. 3 pounds

Basting Sauce

1/3 c. soy sauce

¼ c. unsweetened pineapple juice (reserve pineapple slices for garnish)

¼ c. lime juice

¼ c. honey

3 T brown sugar

3 cloves minced garlic

2 T catsup

½ t hot sauce

Salt and pepper

Mix up all the basting sauce ingredients and brush about a third of it all over the chicken, inside, outside and under the skin; let it rest for about 20-30 minutes. Put the bird on the rotisserie and roast over med-low heat. At 20 minute intervals, brush the remaining sauce on the chicken. Grill until tender; approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours. Enjoy!

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