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Reinventing Your Pool Table

For the thinking shopper, adding a pool table to a home means subtracting space. And in the economy of interior design, space is money. If the kids don’t fall head over heels for the game, you’ll wonder if you’ve sacrificed precious footage for nothing.

If you’re running a cost-benefit analysis of adding a pool table to your living space, consider add-ons and conversions that make your pool table useful, whether or not you’re racking the pool balls every day. Or, if you’re already a table owner who is sick of watching the cobwebs collect on your investment, expand your horizons with these handy alternatives.

Alternate Games

Hoist your rebel flags, billiards players. Your table was built for the game of pool, but are you going to let the intended use stop you now? Not now, and not ever!

Enjoy the ingenuity of add-ons for ping-pong, poker or shuffleboard conversions. Insets lay atop your slate table to protect the felt, bumpers, pockets and otherwise. Your game room just got way simpler: one table fits all full size games that make a game room sing and dance.

Dining Table 

For homeowners or apartment dwellers that are truly challenged in the square footage department, a gaming room seems far out of reach. And, a gaming room that is sizable enough to house a full-length pool table? Sure, maybe in a galaxy far, far away!

Choose a pool table that doubles as a dining table. Many high-end pool tables feature furniture-style cabinets and legs that mimic the detailing and scrolling of upscale dining tables. Other pool tables feature modern design, with sleek, squared legs and hidden drop pockets. Guests will never know the difference. That is, they won’t know until you deconstruct the tabletop and challenge them to an evening tournament following dessert. Then, it’s game on.

And, at the end of a long night, throw a twin mattress atop your table. Voila. Now it’s a bed.
For more fun ideas about pool tables and accessories, see our friends at Cuesup.com  The Ultimate Billiards Resource.

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