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The Red Light Spectrum Will Restore Your Skin's Collagen

Radiance 20 Collagen BedAre you sick of wrinkles, rough areas, blemishes, large pores, age spots, crow's feet, fine lines and other imperfections of the skin? Are you considering plastic surgery or Botox? If you answered yes to these questions, have you considered Red Light Therapy as a solution?

Collagen, Elastin & the Aging Process

Let's start by explaining the aging process of the skin. As we age collagen and elastin production lowers, and cellular functions decrease. As a result, the elasticity of the skin declines, causing wrinkles, drooping and other imperfections.

Many anti-aging skin creams claim to replace these essential proteins. But many use bovine collagen as their source, which is taken from cows. Research suggests the human body rejects bovine collagen, so these face creams may not be working at all. Red Light Therapy offers a nonsurgical, safe alternative that actually works at replacing these essential proteins.

How Red Light Therapy Works

Research has shown that light wavelengths between 600 nanometers (orange/red) and 880 nanometers (infrared) stimulate certain cellular functions. So Red Light Therapy Beds attempt to harness the healing power of these wavelengths, without producing UV rays (ultraviolet light) that can damage the skin.

What are the cellular functions orange, red and infrared wavelengths can stimulate? Research indicates cellular enzymes, particularly cytochrome c oxidase and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), increase their function after absorbing light in these spectrums.

Cytochrome c oxidase increases metabolic activity in the cell, while adenosine triphosphate (ATP) transports chemical energy within cells. If both of these enzymes are operating on a high level, each cell sees an increase in protein production (elastin and collagen). Scientists have also noted an increase in white blood cell production after Red Light Therapy sessions as well, which may help heal damage from years and years of exposure to the sun.

Solar Storm 16RSRed Light Therapy Solutions & Options 

So Red Light Therapy is an effective solution for many skin ailments associated with age. Reduce wrinkles and erase blemishes without injections, surgery or questionable face creams. And there are several options when it comes to Red Light Therapy.

Many dermatologists, spas and salons will charge for Red Light Therapy sessions. There are also hand-held devices that emit the wavelengths mentioned above that you can purchase over the counter. But the best solution lies in Red Light Therapy Beds. If you find yourself searching for a private, in-home solution, you should consider the two Red Light Therapy Beds offered by Family Leisure. Let's review these beds, so you know what to expect.  

The Solar Storm 16RS Collagen Red Light Therapy by Solar Storm Tanning Beds

The Solar Storm 16RS Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed from Solar Storm Tanning Beds (pictured right) offers full-body exposure to the healing red light spectrum. Solar Storm's red light model produces visible red light in the 633nm region, perfect for restoring the connective tissue in the skin.

Solar Storm loads 16 low pressure collagen lamps into the 16RS model. While it doesn't boast as many lamps as the next model mentioned, it does offer a few extra bells and whistles. An hour counter identifies lamp changes, while the efficient Fulham Electronic Ballasts and high-gloss aluminum reflectors will reduce energy consumption by as much as 40% over the standard red light therapy beds.

Solar Storm backs this product with great warranties. It requires 110 volts, a dedicated circuit breaker and plugs into any standard 110V receptacle. The size (H 38" x W 39" x L 83") makes this therapy bed similar to a seven-foot tanning bed unit. View the Solar Storm 16RS Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed by Solar Storm here.

Radiance 20 Collagen BedThe Radiance 20 Red Visible Light Collagen Bed by ESB Enterprises

The Radiance 20 Red Visible Light Collagen Bed from ESB (pictured right) also offers full-body exposure, without any UV tanning rays. It's designed to grant you a private source of anti-aging and skin-healing benefits in a layout similar to a tanning bed.

This therapy bed features 20 collagen lamps of red visible light designed to increase your body's production of elastin and collagen. It requires a 5-20R electrical receptacle, 120 volts and a 20 amp circuit. The digital timer and size (H 37" x W 32" x L 76") makes this unit similar to a six-foot tanning bed. View the Radiance 20 Red Visible Light Collagen Bed from ESB here.

Red Light Therapy offers a great solution for fighting wrinkles and other negative cosmetic issues that come with age. It's a safe alternative to plastic surgery, laser treatment and injections such as Botox.

Family Leisure offers Light Therapy Beds for sale with free nationwide shipping; view all Family Leisure Light Therapy Beds here. And Family Leisure offers all types of tanning beds for sale with free shipping nationwide; view all Family Leisure Tanning Beds here.

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