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Plank & Hide - The New Leader in Innovation & Style

Plank & Hide. I gotta say, I love the name. There is something so natural and earthy about it; plank and hide, brick and mortar, bone and sinew. Which is ironic because Plank & Hide is a grand and sumptuous brand of home furnishings that is more like champagne and caviar. They offer a complete cast of star players, including pool tables, game tables, shuffleboard tables, bar stools and bars that will appeal to the most discerning customer. Plank & Hide prides itself on offering distinctive and inventive designs that are appealing and affordable.

One example is the Ryker Shuffleboard; you won’t find anything like this in an arcade. Crafted of solid oak, the Ryker Shuffleboard This solid hardwood shuffleboard is finished in a scrumptious Smokehouse Oak and features unique steel trusses that create a rustic, industrial presence, ideal for today’s most popular décor styles.

ryker shuffleboard

The Plank & Hide pool tables are equally impressive. The Isaac, a solid oak masterpiece, is finished in a trendy gray wash and includes a steel turnbuckle and metal accents for another nod to industrial design. The real beauty of the Isaac, however, is that it was designed by a company who understands pool. Beauty in a pool table is a bonus; what really matters is that the pool table performs well; Plank & Hide constructs their tables for play, not just for looks.

plank and hide 8' isaac pool table

Trussed up and ready to play, the Plank & Hide McCormick is another rare find. Every inch of the table is superior; smooth and even 1” slate, pro series tournament K66 bumper cushions, solid hardwood cabinet; vintage series interior frame; one piece main beams and one piece legs – this pool table is sheer perfection.

mccormick pool table

Andrew Carnegie would be proud of his namesake, Plank & Hide’s Carnegie pool table. Mr. Carnegie was one of the richest Americans to have ever lived; he was a colossus of industry and invention. The Carnegie pool table rests on four colossal one piece solid aspen legs and features a unique hidden drawer where you can store away cues, balls, chalk and racks. Every inch of the Carnegie is authentic craftsman quality; there are no veneers, no fiberboard, no metal supports, and no cutting corners.

carnegie pool table

Plank & Hide also offer exceptional bars. The Beaumont Bar is available in either solid oak or Douglas fir and comes in both 2 and 3 panel versions. The Beaumont presents a classical esthetic with its massive balustrades and traditional paneling. It has its practical side as well; the Beaumont offers an adjustable shelf and will store up to 10 bottles of wine and 20 wine glasses.

Plank & Hide does bar stools as well; take a gander at the Colton. You have to love this stool for its vintage, industrial styling; you will also love that it is adjustable and offers a 360 degree swivel.

Beaumont Bar by Plank & Hide Colton Barstool by Plank & Hide

This is just a sampling of the products Plank & Hide have to offer. Whether you are searching for a stately bar, an extraordinary shuffleboard or a five star pool table, Plank & Hide is the end of your quest. Here you will find the best materials, artisan craftsmanship, inspired designs and full functionality. Plank & Hide; “uniquely authentic” products for your unique and authentic home.


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