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SURF’S DOWN! Grab a board and hit the water.

Sort of like surfing for the land-locked, paddleboarding has become one of the hottest recreational and fitness activities around. Paddleboarding is a fantastic fusion of surfing and punting (as in the boat- a punt is a flat-bottom boat used in shallow water that is propelled by a long pole). It’s unique, it’s fun, it gets you out of the house and into nature, and it’s good for you! Used in cross-training, yoga and other fitness routines, paddleboarding offers a work-out that encompasses your entire body; it has cardio benefits, strengthens your core, improves your flexibility and perfects your balance.

The idea of paddleboarding isn’t a new one; fishermen have been standing on flat-bottomed vessels for centuries; but the notion of paddleboarding for fun seems to have originated in the Hawaiian Islands during the last century as a precursor to surfing. Today surfers often utilize paddleboards to get out into the water where they are afforded a better view of the surf.

But you can paddleboard nearly anywhere there is water, which is great news for the fly-over states. A calm, peaceful lake is the ideal place to paddleboard. It’s serene sailing which allows you to enjoy your surroundings, clear your mind and even burn a few calories along the way. Paddleboarding can also be enjoyed by all ages, which makes it an ideal family outing.

Familyleisure.com offers a generous array of paddleboards. The Fiji Lightweight Paddler Paddleboard by Solstice was made specifically for paddlers under 175 pounds; its light weight makes it ideal for children, teens and women. The Fiji is inflatable, making it easily portable, and comes with a high pressure pump with a built in gauge. It is constructed of 1000 denier (a fancy way to say it’s thick) 3 ply PVXC reinforced fabric and offers 4 stainless steel tie-downs to secure gear.

The Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard is the ideal way to build up your strength and improve your balance. This inflatable paddleboard features non-slip EVA traction to keep you on board, even when the water gets a little choppy. With its tri-fin setup, you are ensured maneuverability and stability.

Solstice Bali Board

The Tonga Stand-Up Paddleboard by Solstice features a rigid 6” high performance core and an extra-wide deck. It offers superior traction with the addition of a diamond plate tract pad. This paddleboard measures 128” long by 32” wide and will support up to 325 pounds.

The Bora-Bora Stand-Up Paddleboard by Solstice (https://www.familyleisure.com/Water-Sports/Bora-Bora-Stand-Up-Paddleboard) is a substantial board measuring over 12 feet long, with a tapered nose that makes it easy to glide quickly and smoothly through the water. The Bora-Bora offers stability and durability in the convenience of an inflatable board; it includes a nylon center strap, which makes it easy to transport the board to the water. The Bora Bora comes with a high pressure pump and carrying case.

Airhead presents the Na Pali Paddleboard is the perfect paddleboard; it also comes with a removable seat if you are in the mood for kayaking. The Na Pali is extremely rigid and performs as well as a fiberglass board; be sure to inflate it to at least 13 PSI. The EVA pad supplies an anti-skid feature, and you can strap your gear to the 4 D-rings. The Na Pali comes with a backpack for easy transport.

The Airhead Super Stable Paddleboard is just what is sounds like; a super stable board offering rigid construction, a recessed standing area and removable fins. Spending the day at the beach, add the fins for extra balance and maneuverability. The Airhead Super Stable Paddleboard comes in either camouflage or blue and white.

So quit pining for Big Sur, mark “go surfing” off your bucket list and invest in a paddleboard! Make every weekend a water adventure.

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