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Own Your Own Tanning Bed

You know you’ve done it; spent those first five minutes or so in that tanning bed wondering who was in it before you and whether or not the attendant really cleaned it off. No matter how much disinfectant is used, there is something decidedly icky about putting your unclad bod in the same spot someone else had their sweaty, sticky, nearly naked, or who knows, completely naked body. But you really like to tan, so you brave it and hope that the girl making minimum wage at the front desk is motivated to do her job well.

You’ve always been a fan of tanning; you like how it makes you feel and you like how it makes you look. Some people can pull off that pasty white look, but you like to emit a healthy-looking glow; you want to look like you enjoy your life, not like you are hiding from it. So why do you keep spending money to use a community tanning bed with questionable hygiene? And that’s not even considering the tanning bulbs. You are at the mercy of the tanning place as to whether the bulbs are effective, but it does make a difference.

So why are you still going to tanning salons when you can own a bed and have complete control of who uses it and when your bulbs are replaced? Tanning beds are available in a wide range of prices and amenities, shapes and sizes, 110 and 220 volt options. You can lie down, stand up, even take a shower while tanning. There are beds with “zones” specially designed to optimize your tan; and beds with built-in collagen lamps.  All that can be used in the privacy of your own home, where you know who’s been tanning in your bed.

If you are a multi-tasker, you will be thrilled to hear that you can now whiten your teeth while you tan. The UVBleach Bright Tanning Kit has a powerful yet gentle paint on solution that will give you a bright white smile while you are working on that golden tan. Family Leisure is offering the UVBleach Bright Tanning Kit as a free gift with some of their tanning beds, like this Solar Wave 16 Lamp Bed by Solar Wave.

As with everything, moderation is key to health; don’t over-do it. The safest and most attractive way to tan is also the most gradual. Remember the goal is to gently tan your skin, not burn it.

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