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Outdoor Living Trends for 2018


Outdoor Living


What's new in the world of outdoor spaces? As the trend to make our backyard life as comfortable as our indoor one continues, we are seeing more and more moves to make that a reality. Here are some of the outdoor living trends you will see in 2018.


Just like you have certain areas inside your house for certain things; you cook in the kitchen, you relax in the family room, you sleep in the bedroom, outdoor spaces are beginning to take on that same set-up. There's an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor "family room" with deep seating and conversation space, fireplaces and televisions, a dining area, a chaise or hammock tucked under a tree for some alone time, a space for games, a space for gardening. You will find that if you create an outdoor space with "zones" that you will use it and enjoy it more. 


This is a not a new trend, but one that grows with every passing year; the attempt to make your outdoor space an extension of your indoor life continues. Decor, color palettes, lamps, appliances, rugs, flooring; you name it, and there is an outdoor version of it. And speaking of flooring, this is a trend that is increasingly popular. Splintery decks and dirty pavers are giving way to painted floors, with patterns and designs that give you outdoor living area extra panache. You will also see sealed concrete, tile and tropical hardwoods on the list of outdoor flooring. And of course, you can top it all off with a lovely indoor/outdoor rug.

choosing an outdoor rug


Keeping it cool and keeping it bug free; outdoor ceiling fans are all the rage. They make perfect sense; they keep the air moving, a must on a humid July afternoon, making your outdoor experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. Something else outdoor ceiling fans do is help keep the mosquitoes at bay. A small amount of moving air is a deterrent to those nasty insects. More than just utilitarian, outdoor ceiling fans come in all types of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to enhance your outdoor decor.


Fire features have been and continue to be extremely popular. An outdoor fireplace will anchor an outdoor room with a focal point; it will provide ambiance, light, heat and a real sense of "indoor" cozy. If you don't have room or the budget for an outdoor fireplace, there are all kinds of options. Portable fire pits or fire tables create the perfect conversation area; you can also find tabletop fire features that will add a real sense of style to your outdoor space.


outdoor fireplace


One of the quickest growing and most searched categories on Pinterest is the outdoor bar. Patio bars are incredibly popular and can be found in a huge variety of styles, materials, and price points. Along with bars, outdoor taps and kegerators; the outdoor wine room is also increasing in popularity, with outdoor wine coolers, cabinets and refrigerators. Adding comfortable outdoor barstools will help you finish it up right.

outdoor bar stools


Container gardens continue to grow in popularity; they a quick, convenient, attractive; what's not to love? Containers can line your patio, rest on your windowsill; they can be brightly colored pots that set off your outdoor decor. Growing your own food, even if it is limited to tomatoes and basil can give anyone a sense of accomplishment, and gardening, even in a container, is a great way to be present, to relax, to dial down. The ever-growing (pun intended) interest in exactly what we are eating and where it came from has been fueling this increasingly popular trend.


Gray is the new black, beige, and white, and is the ideal base for a perfect outdoor decor. If you are shopping for new patio furniture or cushions this year, consider gray. Less harsh than white, more inviting than black, more interesting the beige, gray is a cool, natural neutral that can be accessorized with any color of the rainbow.

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