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Outdoor Game Tables

Game tables are traditionally placed in a finished basement, a home bar room, a kids’ bonus room or in a room dedicated only to gaming. And every now and then, you’ll see a game table placed in the central dining room, like a 2-in-1 poker and dining table or a pool table with a convertible dining tabletop. As always, Family Leisure likes to push boundaries, redefine and improve upon what is considered traditional for home leisure activities.

When shoppers find that they do not have space for a full-sized ping-pong table in their bonus room, or they do not have funds to invest in a 2-in-1 dining and billiards table, or any host of other problems that prevent them from owning indoor game tables, they often count game tables as out of the question. But brands like Leisure Select, Garlando and Hudson Shuffleboard offer an alternative solution: outdoor game tables. Outdoor game tables are traditional game tables that allow for regular game play, but they are designed with materials that withstand exposure to outdoor elements without breaking down or deteriorating.

At Family Leisure, we are big fans of the McDaniel Outdoor Pool Table (see below) and the Fresh Air Outdoor Pool Table by Leisure Select. Both tables are made for outdoor play, when weather permits. The tables are made with aluminum, anodized aluminum rails, and aluminum corners and legs so that they won’t rust with exposure to outdoor elements. They feature the high performance K66 rubber bumpers. The Leisure Select outdoor billiards tables are virtually maintenance free, except that if salt from saltwater gathers, it must be wiped from the surface. During periods of non-use, the tables ought to be protected with the included covers.

Outdoor Pool Table

Garlando designs two different styles of outdoor ping-pong tables: the Master Outdoor Table Tennis table and the Pro Outdoor Table Tennis table. Both tables feature a melamine top that is supported by a stainless steel tubular frame. The melamine top provides an ideal bounce and also protects the table from the outdoor elements. The tables stand on locking wheels and leg levelers so that the table is steady and locked in place for play, but is easily moved into a garage or storage space during periods of nonuse.

https://www.familyleisure.com/Shuffleboard-Tables/Cirrus-OutdoorHudson Shuffleboard presents the Cirrus Outdoor Shuffleboard game table that is made specifically for outdoor placement. The Cirrus table is made with solid hardwood. The fiberglass-coated playfield and cradle withstand exposure to rain, wind, sleet and snow. The gutters are also equipped with all-weather marine grade carpeting and draining holes so that water does not collect in the table, but drains easily.

So, which style of game is your favorite: billiards, table tennis or shuffleboard? Maybe it’s all three. First, take your pick. Then, find the perfect outdoor living space for your outdoor game table. Consider poolside, or on an open patio, or a covered porch, or wherever it is that you and yours gather when the mood is right.

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