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O'Brien Floats and Inflatables

The O'Brien Company has been producing products to encourage family fun for over 50 years so there isn't much they don't know about life on the water. Let's face it; any occasion when you are able to take time off, hang out with your friends and family, and enjoy yourself on the water, you don't want to worry if the equipment is up to par. O'Brien has made it their mission to make sure that you enjoy every blessed minute of it.

The O'Brien Water Carpet is a unique product that will help you while away a sunny day. Loaf on it, jump from it, run on it; enjoy a weekend on the lake in a whole new way. This triple layer foam magic carpet is buoyant enough to hold up to six people!

18' x 6' Water Carpet - Blue by Obrien

Double chaise loungers have been a hot item in patio furniture for several years; why not take the concept into the lake or pool? O'Brien's Two Person Foam Lounge has enough room for you and your BFF; lean your head back against the built-in headrest and talk about everything or nothing.

If you have a big family or a lot of friends, O'Brien's offers a 6 or 8 person party lounge. Plenty of room for everyone to hang out and share a drink and a laugh; there are built-in mesh seats and drink holders.

water party lounge

Giddy-up! The O'Brien Water Saddle allows you to “tread” water with absolutely no effort; just bob about and enjoy yourself! If you're lucky to have a little junk in the trunk, the O'Brien Water Saddle comes in two sizes.

Obrien Pool Lake Float

There's lounging and then there's lounging; if a pool float just doesn't do it for you, the O'Brien Foam Hammock might be just the ticket. This foam float is designed for some serious kicking back; there is a head and footrest for maximum laziness.

foam floating hammock

If you have a family of daredevils, the O'Brien Super Screamer might be a better choice for you. This heavy-duty inflatable can be towed along behind a boat; your kids can hang onto their choice of six handles and have the ride of their life.  A similar option is the Chiller 2; another 2 seater that offers a lower profile and thinner construction which makes it ideal for anyone who might struggle a bit climbing onto the float from the water. Need a bigger choice? The Turmoil 3 accommodates, you guessed it, 3 people and up to 510 lbs.

Super Screamer          Turmoil 3 by O'Brien

These are just a few of O'Brien's exceptionally designed and constructed pool/lake accessories. Better products for better leisure for a better you.


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