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A Review of the New Hanamint Patio Furniture!

Tuscany Two-Piece Chaise LoungeAs winter slowly gives way to spring, many homeowners will look outside at that porch, patio or deck and start to consider the patio furniture they would like to add. While many in the country are still in the frosty grips of winter, it's not too early to start this process and begin exploring the outdoor furniture offerings new in 2013.

Why now? Many dealers of patio furniture are looking to clear out remaining stock they have stored in their warehouses. This means great deals and incredible savings can be found on these in-stock patio furniture items.

Right now is also the time when most patio furniture manufacturers are sending new 2013 catalogs to their dealers. So it's a great time to jumpstart the search, allowing homeowners to see the new offerings and ideas coming in the New Year. Want something new on your patio that nobody else has? Now is the time to look!

One such manufacturer is Hanamint. Family Leisure recently received Hanamint's new selection of patio furniture and collections. Since we updated our showrooms and website with these new Hanamint patio furnishings, we thought it would be a great idea to review them to help you navigate the new items, such as the Tuscany Chaise Lounge - Two Piece pictured above right as an example (view the Tuscany Chaise Lounge - Two Piece here).

Grand Tuscany Fire PitThe Grand Tuscany Fire Pit

Add a centerpiece to your outdoor room that provides a seemingly endless list of possibilities. The Grand Tuscany - Fire Pit Set (pictured left) from Hanamint doubles as both a coffee table and a fire pit collection; view the Grand Tuscany Fire Pit Set here.

Are you sick of losing your outdoor gathering area when frigid Jack Frost comes to town? This collection converts from a friendly and comfortable chat / deep seating set during warm weather into a functional fire pit set during cold weather.

The dual nature of this fire pit / coffee table is standard, being made from cast aluminum that's been powder coated and finished for outdoor use. But there are multiple additions available, such as an ice bucket upgrade and several different fire bowl choices (copper, copper painted steel, black, etc.).

Each frame is cast aluminum, considered by the industry to be the best patio furniture material. It's lightweight and carries the authentic style of wrought iron, but without the negative issues such as rust. The eight-stage finishing process (including the baked-on powder coating mentioned above) is designed to increase durability.

The look is traditional, guaranteed to never go out of style. And like all Hanamint patio furniture, this set is part of collection, so you can build a complete outdoor room. View the Grand Tuscany Dining Collection here.

St. Augustine SlingThe St. Augustine Sling Collection

If you love the antique look of the standard St. Augustine Collection (view the St. Augustine Dining Collection here), then we guarantee you will love the new St. Augustine Sling Dining Collection (pictured right) and Club Collection from Hanamint (view the St. Augustine Sling Dining here; view the St. Augustine Sling Club here). 

The goal of Hanamint is to create timeless furniture, and the original St. Augustine achieves this goal with flying colors. The new St. Augustine Sling Collection borrows elements from the frames found in the regular collection and updates them with comfortable and easy-to-own sling. This synthetic material is actually virgin polyvinyl chloride extruded as lace.

So while the traditional frames offer classic motifs and designs such as perfectly placed finials, authentic turnings and seductive scrolls, the seating experience is modern and contemporary. Sling is cherished by homeowners for its comfortable nature and easy cleaning. It dries quickly after getting hit by a rainstorm or a wet bathing suit, making it ideal for placement outdoors or next to a swimming pool.

Like we mentioned above, homeowners can build a complete St. Augustine collection filled with dining chairs, club chairs, ottomans, sofas, loveseats, tables and so much more. All of it matches in sling, style and substance, providing guests and visitors comfortable and contemporary seating in a classic, cast aluminum package.

The Newport Estate Deep Seating Collection

While Family Leisure has carried the Newport Dining Collection for several seasons, this is the first summer we will carry the Newport Estate Deep Seating Collection. Like all Hanamint outdoor furniture, this collection combines outdoor function with indoor antique style.

The chairs, sofas and other seating options in this deep cushion collection feature scrolled ears and armrests along with an intricate crisscrossed pattern in the backrest. The result is traditional patio furniture similar to that found on the front porches and verandas of manor and estates from the past.

There are two color choices, Black and Desert Bronze, when it comes to the Newport Estate. Each finish is the result of the eight-stage process mentioned above that adds multiple protective layers. So while this furniture offers timeless style, it also offers timeless durability. If providing a traditional look and a cozy seating experience are your goals, then you must consider the Newport Estate Deep Seating (view the Newport Estate Deep Seating here).

Mayfair SectionalThe Mayfair Estate & Mayfair Collections

New to Family Leisure in 2013 are the dramatic Mayfair Estate and Mayfair Collections from Hanamint. Why dramatic? There are several individual pieces in these collections designed to catch looks and compliments.

Before we discuss these individual pieces, let's discuss the overall collection. The traditional appearance is plucked from the past, with lovely loops in the backrests and scrolled handholds and feet. Made from modern and lightweight cast aluminum, each piece carries the air of an old-fashioned wrought iron piece. And like all Hanamint patio furniture, this collection is made for outdoor use (the same finishing process mentioned a million times above).

So what spectacular, individual pieces does this collection offer? Check out the Mayfair Estate - Sectional (pictured left; view the Mayfair Estate - Sectional here). Immediately you will notice the round ottoman in the center. This dramatic piece is exceptional and is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any patio.

Did you fail to notice the Mayfair Estate Sectional itself? It features several curved corner pieces, so that rounded look can be brought home to match the ottoman. And the deep cushions provide a relaxing seating experience, with fabric by Sunbrella for outdoor use.

St. Augustine A Frame SwingGrand Tuscany & St. Augustine A-Frame Patio Swings

While all of the above collections and items are nice additions to an already robust lineup of Hanamint patio furniture, probably the most exciting items for 2013 are the new Hanamint patio swings. The two new swings each fall into matching collections, with one matching the Grand Tuscany Collection and the other matching the St. Augustine Collection.

Are you searching for a patio or porch swing, but are unsatisfied with the regular patio swing sets? If this sounds familiar, consider the St. Augustine A-Frame Swing (pictured right) or the Grand Tuscany A-Frame Swing from Hanamint (view the St. Augustine A-Frame Swing here; view the Grand Tuscany A-Frame Swing here)

Both outdoor swings match their respective collections, with antique accents such as scrolls, finials, foliate designs and other old-school motifs. Each offers a Neo-Roman or Neo-Greek look that is beautiful.

So with these patio swings, your home gains a wonderful seating option filled with antique style yet will resist rain, sleet, wind and snow like a modern piece of patio furniture. Like all Hanamint cast aluminum furniture, these swings are submitted to the eight-stage finishing process mentioned repeatedly above, with a baked-on powder coating for added strength.

Family Leisure carries all patio furniture manufactured by Hanamint; view all Family Leisure Hanamint patio furniture here. We have most items in-stock, ready to ship within hours of order placement, and have dedicated account executives to handle the order and ensure nothing goes wrong. Family Leisure can also put together a Hanamint special order, if a custom look is desired. Can't find an item you know is made by Hanamint? Give us a call at 877.775.3478 and we'll track it down for you. If Hanamint makes it, Family Leisure carries it... we promise!

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