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Gensun Casual Patio Furniture for Summer

Michigan SlingGensun Casual is a family owned patio furniture company with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. At first, Gensun focused primarily on cast aluminum patio furniture, but have since expanded into wicker, sling and padded sling offerings. The attraction of Gensun is the superiority of their products when compared to other manufacturers. From designers to distributors, foundries to factories, Gensun controls every phase of the production process. This ensures a high-quality product that's second to none in the industry.

Known worldwide for their contemporary take on classic patio furniture, Gensun Casual recently introduced their new patio furniture products for 2013. Whole new collections, with new furniture designs and materials, have been introduced, as well as new woven, sling and padded sling sets that complement existing cast aluminum collections. Let's review the new offerings from this premium patio furniture manufacturer.

The New Michigan Sling Collection 

Many of the existing cast aluminum collections Gensun has offered in the past have been complimented in 2013 with new matching sling sets. The design elements of the frames are the same from the old cast aluminum to the new sling collections, yet the backs and seats of the chairs have been replaced by sling. One of these new sling collections is Michigan, which always offered dining and deep seating collections.

The new Michigan Sling Dining Collection (pictured above right) offers the same frame design as the regular Michigan collections. This impressive look offers decorative and detailed cast, with scrolls, pad feet, twisted swivel bases and gentle curves. It's a mix of traditional and contemporary styles that will fit into virtually any outdoor space.

But instead of using cast aluminum for the back and seat, Gensun replaced these areas with sling, a solution-dyed acrylic fabric coated in PVC, stretched around the frames. Sling is soft, comfortable and available in a variety of colors, offering the ability to dry quickly after getting hit with a rainstorm or wet bathing suit. Sling cleans with a simple wipe of a wet cloth and is perfect for a deck or patio next to a lake, ocean or swimming pool.

So if you love the look of the Michigan Collection, yet also love the ownership qualities of sling, then you must consider the Michigan Sling Dining Collection by Gensun; view the Michigan Sling Dining Collection here.

Florence Padded SlingThe New Florence Padded Sling Collection

A hot product currently catching lots of attention in the patio furniture industry is padded sling. What is padded sling patio furniture? Padded sling is created when solution-dyed acrylic sling is stretched in several layers, with an extra padded layer of stuffed Dacron in the middle. So while your new patio furniture offers all of the benefits of sling (dries quickly, cleans easily, etc.), it also offers an extra padded layer of comfort for your backside.

New in 2013, Gensun has created several padded sling collections to complement their existing Grand Terrace, Florence, Michigan and Bel Air cast aluminum collections. One of these new collections is Florence Padded Sling, pictured right.

Named after what is considered by many the most beautiful city in the world, the Florence Padded Sling Collection from Gensun offers designs captured from the famous capital city of Tuscany. Every frame showcases antique, Renaissance-influenced style, with finials, scrolled ears and other vintage motifs that appear to be taken from the history of furniture design. If you require a little extra comfort, along with a little extra style on your veranda or porch, consider the Florence Padded Sling by Gensun; view the Florence Padded Sling by Gensun here.  

Bellagio DiningThe New Bellagio Collection

Brand new for Family Leisure in 2013, the Bellagio Collection (dining pictured right) follows Gensun's tradition of providing exquisite pieces that are individual works of art. Named after the resort town of Bellagio found on Lake Como in Italy, this collection features a rolling, curvy style that combines antique furniture designs with modern materials and forms. In fact, with the wonderfully scrolled armrests of the chairs, we challenge you to find a collection with more style!

This new collection is made from cast aluminum, which we mentioned above. What is cast aluminum patio furniture? Its furniture that's nearly shatter proof, lightweight when compared to other materials and will resist corrosion better than traditional wrought iron patio furniture. This material is cherished for these qualities in the patio furniture industry.

But cast aluminum requires a strong protective coating, which Gensun supplies with this new collection. The finish is a specially-formulated powder coating that is applied using a six-stage process that creates an ionized bond between the metal and finish. It will protect the furniture from damaging water, wind, snow and sleet. If you want some historic style on your patio, but without the historic upkeep, deterioration and maintenance, consider the Bellagio Collection by Gensun.

Lotus CollectionThe New Lotus Collection

Inspired by the Lotus flower, the divine symbol used since ancient times to denote perfection, Gensun designers created the new Lotus Collection. The whimsical floral backrests are unlike anything found in the garden furniture industry, a great look for the corner of a garden or lawn.

Created to live outdoors, each chair and table is made from cast aluminum that is framed and then powder coated. There are more than a dozen color options when it comes to this collection, so there's definitely a look that will match your home, patio pavers or outdoor area. If you are looking for a floriated design for your outdoor room or garden, consider the Lotus Collection by Gensun; view the Lotus Collection by Gensun here.

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