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Meet The TidalFit

It's A Water World Out There...

We are drawn to the water; Indiana empties out every spring and summer and travels to the nearest beach because being land-locked is not our natural state. We are all water babies. We spend the first 42 weeks(ish) of our tiny lives submerged in water and over half of the chemical make-up of our bodies is H2O. Water is quite literally life for us; physically for certain, and even emotionally and spiritually for a large number of us. 

Water not only feeds our bodies and our souls; it also provides an unparalleled place to keep fit. One of the biggest advantages of exercising in the water is that you become buoyant so there is no stress on your joints. This is a boon for anyone who has an injury, extra weight or a condition that makes it difficult to exercise because of joint issues.

Water also offers resistance as you exercise; this allows you to work out as hard as you are able with very little chance of injury. And water fitness can also be enjoyed at any age; you can continue to get the benefits of regular exercise well into your golden years.

If you don't have the room or inclination for a pool, or don't belong to a gym that has a pool, but still like the idea of water fitness, then you should think about getting a swim spa. Swim spas create a high pressure water current utilizing the jets, making it the ideal space to do swim in place. You get all the benefits of swimming laps in a much smaller space. In addition, you can accessorize your swim spa for resistance training and much more. If that doesn't convince you, remember it is still a hot tub; when you aren't exercising you will get all the hydrotherapy and relaxation that makes spas so popular to begin with. It's a win-win.

Artesian has a line of fitness spas called "TidalFit." These exercise spas offer low-impact, high-resistance opportunities to get you in your best shape ever, all in the convenience of your own backyard!

The TidalFit Active EP12 is the smallest option in the TidalFit line, measuring 144" long by 91" wide. It is designed to be used above ground and offers the perfect water flow to allow for swimming and resistance walking. It comes with a digital control system, dual waterfalls, an advanced circulation system and switchless motors.

The TidalFit Active Plus EP12 Swim Spa is an upgraded version of the TidalFit Active EP12. It is the same size (144"L x 91"W) but has been equipped to accommodate more powerful jet options and hydrotherapy systems. The TidalFit Active Plus EP12 also offers the option for partial in-ground installation if desired. The TidalFit Active Plus EP12 comes standard with a grab rail, safety cover, lighting, as well as the advanced circulation system for that ideal cardio workout.


The TidalFit Premium EP14 Swim Spa is larger than the EP12, and measures 168"L x 91"W. It is also 52" deep. This premium model offers superb resistance for swimming, walking or running while ensuring that your joints are protected. It comes standard with a super deluxe safety cover, a digital control system, 2 grab rails, dual waterfalls, a Hi-Flo Circulation System and switchless motors.

The TidalFit Pro EP15 measures a massive 180"L x 91"W and is 60" deep. Add Artesian's optional exercise accessories and make good use of the size of this spa. It's ideal for freestyle swimming, rowing, resistant cords and stationary resistant swim features. The TidalFit Pro EP15, like all the TidalFit spas is available in a variety of inner shell colors and outer shell cabinet colors. It comes with a lifetime structure warranty.


TidalFit Aquatic Training System

While your swim spa will provide you with a spectacular work-out all on its own, as mentioned previously, Artesian does offer accessories to amp it up. These include rowing bars that provide "smooth, low-impact, and non-load bearing" rowing that allows for an even distribution of energy so that all three major muscle groups are engaged at once.

Resistant cords can be used for traditional strength training; curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls and back pulls. The stationary resistant swim tether training system works with the buoyancy of the water to provide an environment that allows you to walk with the absolute minimum of stress on your joints and bones. The resistance also increases your burn rate for calories.

TidalFit's Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer allow you to vary your swim resistance by utilizing a touch screen LCD panel. You can start out with a light warm-up, and then switch to a higher intensity as your work-out progresses. Then, when its time to cool down, you can switch back to a lower resistance. It also provides you with 10 different 30 minute swim programs.

If you have never considered a swim spa, start thinking about it. And if you have already been thinking about it, call or drop into a local Family Leisure or check out the TidalFit line on familyleisure.com.



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