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You Light Up the Room

When a stimulus reaches one of my five senses, it has the potential to affect my state of being. Upbeat music begets an upbeat attitude. Sweet food begets a sweet feeling. Comfortable seating begets comfortable outlook. Warm interior lighting begets a warm mood.

I have always been especially sensitive to light, wearing sunglasses when reclined in the dentist’s chair, installing special subdued lighting software on computers, and currently writing by the glow of one single light bulb that sits in my office (it just barely qualifies as “candlelight,” I’m told). Aggressive bright white lighting irritates my eyes and attitude. I take conscious measures to be around warm, soft lighting that makes me feel calm, sweet and comfortable.

Imagine your lighting fixtures as regular influencers in your daily life. You are at least partly aware of the power of interior lighting. For example, you probably turn your lights down low for a romantic dinner to stimulate sweetness. You might like to have lights turned off during massages to facilitate complete stillness. You may turn on your bright lights when driving at night to stimulate concentration. So, what do you use for general lighting, and how does it make you feel?

Discover What’s Working

Some of your interior lighting may be the Goldilocks’ “just right.” Each room probably serves a specific function for you, and some of the lighting features you have now may be perfectly suited to the room’s function. The cooking area may act as a workspace for you, if you’re a serious cook. If that space features ample bright workspace lighting, then that may be suited for you. You may use the dining room for long five-course dinner parties. That room may feature a high hanging pendant light that has different light settings to switch between as the night unfolds from energetic to calm. That’s ideal for you! Think of your rooms where functions lives harmoniously with lighting plan. These are probably the rooms that you use most frequently.

…And What Isn’t Working

Now, consider the rooms where function and lighting do not live in harmony. Perhaps your bedroom features one very bright general lighting feature, and no small, softer lamps. You may find it hard to relax in your bedroom before sleep. Your bathroom may feature only a soft lighting lamp and no hanging pendant for brighter workspace lighting. If so, you probably find it very difficult to wake up in the morning when going through your morning bathroom routine. Think of all of the rooms whose functions do not live harmoniously with their lighting plan. You are probably not using these rooms as much as you’d like.

Make a Change

Whether you like it or not, you do light up a room, and you have a real choice about how you do it! Environment is often stronger than any mindset. So, use interior lighting to create the environment that promotes the “you” that you want to be in each space.

Let go of the old, welcome the new, and enjoy the ride.

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