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In-Ground or Above-Ground Pool

What Pool is Best For Me?

Despite the death-grip winter seems to have on spring this year, it is going to get hot. Hot-hot. And this is going to be the year for that pool your kids have been bugging you about forever. You know you've been thinking about it, but you aren't sure which direction to go. Is it better to invest in an in-ground or above ground pool? This depends entirely on you and your needs.

One of the biggest things to consider is your budget; what can you comfortably afford? Another question to ask is how much are we going to use this pool? If you live in an area of the country where the seasons are just a suggestion, chances are you will be using your pool nearly year round. If you are in the rest of the country, the opportunities for swimming might not be as extensive, and you may only be using the pool for a few months. However with global warming, this may change.

swimming pools

Here are some other things to think about as you plan for this purchase:

In-ground Pools

One of the major draws of an in-ground pool is that it can add some monetary value to your home; there is something very luxurious about having a "built-in" that appeals to many. This may be a major consideration for you.

A beautiful in-ground pool can also become the focal point of your backyard space; it can enhance your land and hardscape, become the ideal place for hosting parties, for exercising, or for just relaxing after a grueling day.


inground pools

Are there drawbacks? The most obvious thing to be aware of is that the initial expense of an in-ground pool will be considerable; you are adding a permanent structure to your home and the costs are going to reflect this. By the same token, an in-ground pool is literally an investment in the total value of your home and should be seen as such.

An in-ground pool installation is going to be more of a process than an above-ground pool; the structure will take longer to install. There will probably be more of a disruption in your backyard, so you will want to plan the time for installing the pool accordingly.

There are many upsides to an in-ground pool besides the increase in home value; one of these is that in-ground pools are customizable. They are available in an incredible assortment of sizes and shapes and depths; you are able to customize materials, you can add on slides and waterfalls, you have the option for a diving board, you can pair the pool with a hot tub. Check out some of the beautiful installations by Family Leisure on our project page - as they say, if you can dream it, they can build it.

Above-Ground Pools

There are two major upsides to going with an above-ground pool; they are budget-friendly and relatively quick and easy to install. They are also removable if you decide, sometime in the future, that you are no longer pool people or you have decided to use the space for a vegetable garden or chicken farm.

Unlike an in-ground pool, an above-ground pool adds no monetary value to your home, even though having a pool may be a draw for some home shoppers. You are limited on how deep the pool can be, which means you are also limited on what you can add to the pool; diving boards and slides do not pair well with above-ground pools and shouldn't be used.

Above-ground pools also come in limited shapes and sizes and may not be as attractive as an in-ground installation. However, you can add to the appeal with any number of decking options, including water-resistant, no maintenance vinyl.


above ground pools

Bottom Line

Both an above-ground an in-ground pool will require maintenance; you may see an increase in your electric bill, particularly if you will be using the pool year round. Water will need to be topped off as it evaporates, there will be the expense of chemicals, cleaning and opening and closing the pool if you live in an area where this is desired.

But these are small concerns when weighed with the enjoyment and over-all benefits you will receive in having a swimming pool, whether it is on or in the ground. It will get your kids off their phones, for one thing; the entire family can rediscover what it means to be outdoors. A pool can contribute to a healthier lifestyle all around; exercise for the body, relaxation for the spirit, family togetherness and much needed fun.

Stop in one of our store locations or check out familyleisure.com for both in-ground and above-ground pool options; give them a call and talk to an expert who can help you make the right decision for you and your family.

(In-ground pools are currently only sold at our Nashville TN, Little Rock AR & Indianapolis IN locations.)

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