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Inflatable Boats & Kayaks

There is a whole new generation of inflatables that have made boating and kayaking affordable, convenient and accessible for just about anyone. You don’t need a boat trailer, a rack, a pick-up truck or any special conveyance. Deflated, most kayaks and boats will fit into your trunk. Think about the possibilities! No big planning required; you can wake up Saturday morning, see the sun shining and say, hey, I’m going boating! Throw it in the car, inflate it on site; have the time of your life; deflate it and head home. Zip – boom – bah.

And don’t think that the word “inflatable” means that these boats and kayaks have the constitution of a child’s balloon. The new inflatables are tough and durable, constructed of PVC-coated 3-ply fabric and can handle bumps and bangs with the finest. Best of all, many of them come with their own air pumps, making it extra convenient to inflate and deflate as needed.

The Outcat Catamaran Fishing Boat by Solstice is the weekend fisherman’s dream come true. Designed like a catamaran, the OutCat features twin hulls which provide extra stability when you are reeling in that big catch (or are trying to get the turtle off your line). This impervious yet agile fishing boat features convenient and comfortable elevated seating and comes with its own pump and gauge.

Catamaran Fishing Boat

The Outdoorsman 12000 Fishing Boat by Solstice is an abundantly designed 12’ long craft that will comfortably seat up to 6 people. Constructed with a nifty 2 bolster hull, the Outdoorsman offers an expanded and reliable platform. Constructed of hefty reinforced vinyl, the Outdoorsman has two sets of swivel locks for your oars, fishing pole holders and inflatable cushion seats. The Outdoorsman is also available in a 9’ version - the Outdoorsman 9000 and can accommodate 4 people.

Outdoorsman Boat

Solstice also has the Sportster Runabout, which is available in a 4 person version and a 3 person version. The Sportster offers the option of outfitting it with a 4 HP motor for tooling around the lake, or do it the old-fashioned way and utilize the built-in swivel oar locks. The Sportster Runabout also features an aluminum slat floor and bench seats for added comfort and dependability.

Sportster runabout

Another inflatable option by Solstice is the Quest IB, available in 3 different sizes. It is constructed of tough 500 denier 3 ply PVC coated fabric and has aluminum bench seats, an integrated I-Beam floor, and an all around rub-strake. If you don’t know what a rub strake is (and I didn’t) it’s not as interesting as it sounds. Rub strakes function as fenders for your boat, which is important but not entertaining.

Inflatable Boat

Instead of dreaming about getting a boat, start dreaming while on a boat, and the Sportster 4 Person Runabout by Solstice is the perfect place to do it. This robust high performance boat will hold up to 770 pounds. The bench seats are a stable and sturdy aluminum. You can row the Sportster, or, better yet, attach an outboard motor (up to 4 HP) and enjoy those lazy-hazy days. There is also a smaller version; the Sportster 3 Person Runabout.

Runabout by solstice

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” So says Dr. Seuss, and I have no doubt that he was talking about kayaks. In fact, he may have been talking specifically about the Traveller Solo Kayak by Solstice. The beauty of inflatable kayaks is that, while you still get all the benefits of a traditional kayak, you get none of the hassle. Inflatables are relatively lightweight; they are easy to transport without any special conveyance. Easy to inflate, easy to deflate…easy is the operative word here.

Solo kayak

Kayaking is also a great way to get some exercise without being stuck in a gym; kayaking offers cardiovascular benefits and strength training. A trip down the river helps to improve the health of your heart, it burns calories and it builds muscle.

The Flash 2 Person Kayak by Solstice is constructed of tough-as-nails 1000 Denier nylon, has a high pressurized floor and comes with its own air pump and gauge. There are two adjustable bucket seats for your comfort.

 2 person kayak

Solstice also makes convertible kayaks that can be used with either one or two paddlers. The Trekker Duo Kayak, the Rogue Convertible Kayak and the Durango Convertible Kayak are all easily adapted for a solo trip or for an outdoor adventure with your significant other.

Stop waiting for someday! You can own your own inflatable boat or kayak and be zipping across the water this weekend!

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