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Increase Your Real Sweat Equity

We live in a culture that does not value sweat; in fact, we associate it with poor hygiene and body odor and do everything we can to avoid it. We wear antiperspirant, shop for breathable fabrics, avoid certain foods, crank up the AC, take medications, even go for Botox injections. But the fact of the matter is, sweat is good. Nearly everyone understands that sweating is the way our body maintains an appropriate temperature; when we get hot, we sweat, and we cool down. But what you may not know is that sweating also detoxifies your body. Sweating flushes your system of cholesterol, alcohol, and salt as well as many other toxins.

Sweating also helps heal wounds; sweat glands are replete with adult stem cells that hasten wound closure. Sweat glands also secrete antibiotic agents that respond when we get a scratch or a mosquito bite. Deep sweating may improve skin cell turnover and can help remove the bacteria on your skin that results in pimples. Sweating can dramatically reduce your risks of getting the flu; antimicrobial proteins found in sweat contain proteins that are known to bind to certain viruses and bacteria, like E. coli and HIV. 

Sweating increases circulation and helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system. At the same time, sweating helps to increase blood flow to skeletal muscles which can lessen the recovery time needed for injury and muscle strain. Sweating can also help to lower the risk of kidney stones by restoring your body's natural balance and directing calcium to your bones instead of your kidneys. And there's more!

Sweating can activate the parasympathetic response in your body that allows you to chill out, to digest your food, to be less anxious. Stress hormones like Cortisol reduce after you have been sweating. There is even evidence that regular sweating can have benefits to prevent or lessen the effects of Alzheimer's disease by releasing heavy metals from the body, promoting relaxation, improving focus and strengthening blood flow to the brain.

Sweat also carries pheromones...which can improve mood, focus and your effect on the opposite sex.

So despite what you may have been told in Health and Hygiene in middle school, or in any number of commercials and print ads, sweating is desirable. Regular intensive exercise will get you sweating more; and so will sitting and doing nothing in your own sauna.

There is a myriad of research on how regular sauna use is beneficial to your health; Harvard Health reports that using a sauna on a regular basis may lower death rates from cardiovascular disease and stroke. The use of a sauna lowers blood pressure, and may be particularly beneficial to people suffering from hypertension as well as high cholesterol and diabetes.

Family Leisure has a grand array of saunas available for home use; from simple one person models to those that seat 4 or more. They offer traditional heaters (think lava rock and stream) as well as more modern infrared heater. Although the heaters work differently, the end result is the same; you will get your sweat on.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a sauna for personal use or as a perfectly fabulous gift, Family Leisure has a model that will fit your space and budget.
Here are a few saunas to consider.

If you like the idea of sweating alone, the Far-Infrared Carbon Flex 1 Person Sauna G100 by Saunatec might suit you. This beauty offers 9 square feet; a heated bench; heat proof stereo speakers; mini spot lights in the ceiling and digital controls. Its crafted from Canadian Hemlock and comes with prefabricated wall panels. Another option is the HM44 Sauna by Finnleo.  This sauna has a traditional lava rock, wet/dry heater which supplies you with a soft steam and even heat rising from the rocks. This model is easy to assemble and is also crafted of Canadian Hemlock. It runs on household 110 voltage.

These saunas also come in 2 person versions; the Far-Infrared Carbon Flex 2 Person Sauna and the S820 Sauna

Take it outdoors with the 3 Person Outdoor Sauna by Saunatec. Three's company in this spacious patio sauna which comes with digital controls and a stainless steel heater. It has vaulted ceilings and a metal roof and measures 5' x 7'.

Make it a family affair with the 4 person S880 Sauna by Saunatec It is easy to assemble and comes with a sound system, tri-modal lighting system, and tempered glass doors. Its the perfect size for you and a few to unwind, reconnect, and detox. Designed to fit into a corner, the S880 is ideal for that finished basement you never use anymore.

Like the idea of a sauna but want something different than the traditional wooden room? If you've got a big budget, check out the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod by Wellness Cocoon. Made to use in the home or in a salon, the Cocoon not only offers sweat inducing dry heat, but also vibration massage, aromatherapy, salt treatment and jade stones.  Plug it in, lay down and relax.

Think about adding a sauna to your home for your health/relaxation needs; its an easy way to take feel good while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Make this winter the season to sweat!!  


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