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Water you waiting for?

Adding an in-ground pool to your backyard landscaping is not a small decision; you have to consider the costs and how much room you have; you need to decide who you trust to install it and if you really want to take on the responsibility of maintaining it. But while you are thinking about all those things, you should also be thinking about this: 

An in-ground swimming pool is one of the best investments in your health you can make!

Even none-swimmers can profit from the incredible fitness opportunities you find in a pool. There’s the obvious, of course – swimming laps is great cardio and will increase your endurance and overall physical fitness. But the pool is also the perfect place for other types of exercise as well. Water offers resistance which helps to strengthen your muscles and increase cardio benefits. Water also supports your weight, which means it’s the ideal place to exercise while protecting your joints – it is absolutely no impact. It’s a safe option for people with arthritis, for the elderly, for the obese, for people who are recovering from injuries, even for pregnant women. You can walk, jog, jump, squat and weight train in a pool. 

An in-ground swimming pool is a place to get the whole family to unplug and reconnect.

No phones in the pool! No texting, no email, no phone-calls, no video games, no television; we all admit we are too tied to our electronics; a swimming pool affords a fun, relaxing, desirable place to remember that you are a human being and not a cyborg. You can have face to face face-time in a backyard pool. 

An in-ground swimming pool allows you to take a vacation anytime.

No passports or packing, no hotel bills or rest stop restrooms, no boarding the dogs or stopping the mail. All you have to do is put on your bathing suit (or not) and jump in. Cool, crystal clear water and peace of mind is just steps away. 

Speaking of peace of mind; an in-ground swimming pool is the best kind of therapy.

After a day full of stress, of screaming kids and annoying co-workers, of bad news on CNN and a strange knocking sound in your car, an in-ground swimming pool provides you with a little haven of pure Zen. Refresh your mind, your body, your spirit, and your soul in that primal peace that can only be found in the sound and feel of water. 

An in-ground swimming pool is a party.
No more need to look for reasons to socialize; you have a pool. All you have to do is invite your nearest and dearest; entertainment is provided. And who doesn’t love a pool party? Even people who don’t swim still enjoy the proximity and the atmosphere. An in-ground swimming pool will allow you to make your place party central, if you want. 

An in-ground swimming pool is a kid magnet; so you will see more of yours.

Keep the teenagers at home and happy with a place they can have fun and hang out with their friends. Who you will get to meet for a change. 

An in-ground swimming pool is the perfect place to be when it’s hot.

Those sweltering summer days can be spent inside, on the sofa, eating chips and watching bad reality television…or…you can refresh yourself in the fresh air. There is nothing like a cool pool on a hot day. 

An in-ground swimming pool lasts.

You don’t have to get the latest version every season; in-ground swimming pools don’t go out ofstyle. You can keep enjoying yours season after season, creating memories for years to come. 

Figuring out the budget, the placement, the maintenance of an in-ground pool is easy; Family Leisure will help you every stop of the way. But realizing what a difference an in-ground swimming pool will make to your quality of life; that’s something you want to get your head around. 


**Inground pools currently sold at our Nashville TN, Little Rock AR, and Indianapolis IN locations**

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