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Baby It's Cold Outside!

For many people, the falling leaves and the falling temperatures means hot tub weather is coming. The mixture of steaming hot water and cold, biting air is a perfect combination for relaxation and socializing. These folks keep their hot tubs going all winter long without issue.

But for the hibernators, the snow-birds, the people who just plain don't like the cold, winterizing their spa is a necessity. Rather than risk freezing if something goes wrong, if you are going to be in Florida for the next six months, you will want to follow the steps listed below to make sure your spa is winter-safe. If you have a wood hot tub, it is not recommended that you drain your spa and keep it empty for any extended period of time; the wood can dry out and shrink up. Winterize a wooden tub the same way you would winterize an above-ground swimming pool, utilizing an air pillow.

Winterizing your portable acrylic or fiberglass spa can be a DIY project with just some simple tools.

  1. Lower the chemical levels in your hot tub and get the Ph balanced prior to draining to avoid harming your lawn.

  2. Turn off the power to your spa.

  3. Drain the spa. Open the drain and roll out the hose (if you have one) or use a sump pump (which will save you a lot of time). Leave the drain open.

  4. Use the blower. Put on the hot tub cover, turn on the power and engage the blower. Don't turn on the pumps or the heater. Run the blower for 60 seconds and allow the water to drain off. Turn on the blower and allow water to spray from the jets and mop it up with an absorbent towel.

  5. Blow remaining water out of the pipes. This is really important! Make sure all manual air intake valves and jets are open. Use a wet/dry vac on blow instead of vacuum. Take off the skimmer basket and blow air through the skimmer, filter, pump, heater and through the jets. For an extra measure, reverse the wet/dry vac and suck any remaining water out.

  6. Check the hot tub equipment for any remaining water. Open union nuts on pump and heater and allow to drain. Open any drain plugs that are on the pipes or equipment for extra measure. Pay close attention to the lower pipes.

  7. Cover the hot tub. Now is a good time to use conditioner on your cover as well, to help it endure the drastic changes in temperature.

That's it! You are now free to spend the winter in Florida; if you can't do that, wrap yourself up in a blanket in front of your fireplace and wait it out. That hot tub will be ready for you to open up in the spring!

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