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Hot Tub For Christmas?

Give the Gift of Ultimate Luxury this Christmas - We take at least one family vacation each year; this involves several adults and now one grandchild. My son-in-law always has one stipulation; there has to be a hot tub. Why does there have to be a hot tub? Because vacations, to him, are about two things; relaxing and luxuriating. And while hot tubs might, and do, have many health benefits, it is the relaxation and the luxury that is, arguably, the greatest part of the appeal. Which makes a hot tub one of the best gifts ever! You can give your loved one (and, by association, yourself) vacation quality hot tub therapy 24/7/365; now that's a gift that keeps on giving!

Hot tubs come in all price points, a variety of sizes and configurations, colors and styles; there is something that will fit your budget and will have your loved one believing in Santa Claus again. Family Leisure are experts in hot tubs and have a huge variety of brands, styles, prices and accessories.

If your budget is tight but your love is large, consider an inflatable "plug and play" hot tub that runs on household electric current like the Silver Cloud by M-Spa. This amazing little hot tub is large enough for 4 persons, heats up to 104 degrees, and offers a 1350 watt heater and 118 air bubble jets. Its easy to inflate and comes with a cover with a digital lock and a digital control panel touch pad.

Another "plug and play"  hot tub, with a more traditional acrylic shell, is the Hudson by American Select. Manufactured in the USA, the Hudson offers neck, shoulder, calf and foot jets; LED lighting; and digital system controls.

The Viking 2P by Viking Spas is a basic, very low maintenance spa which features an injected molded panel with a unibody design; the ergonomic seats will comfortably seat all body types.

Check Out all Three of these 110 Volt Plug and Play Models 

The Santiago by Artesian, an industry leader in spa design and production,  also offers a 110 volt plug and play option. The Santiago offers one full-length lounger with back, leg, and foot jets. Upgrades include lighting, stereo and waterfall features.

The Kona by Artesian Spas https://www.familyleisure.com/Spas-Hot-Tubs/Kona-Hot-Tub offers the height of luxury with six hydrotherapy massage seats and a cool down seat!  The spa comes its own ambiance in the form of a waterfall, LED lighting and the option to add a spa stereo and speakers. It offers low-chemical water purification systems and an easy to maintain exterior cabinet.

The Tahoe by American Select is a Family Leisure top-seller, and offers 47 jets, 2 hydrotherapy 6 HP pumps, and enough room for  people. It features a Balboa instrument panel and a locking cover.


Another luxury option is the Grand Cayman by Artesian, an industry leader. The Grand Cayman offers the ultimate in hydrotherapy, featuring 3 pumps, switchless motors, superior jet performance and state of the art technology.

If you are a "go big or go home" gift buyer, check out this beauty. The Piper Glen by Artesian can seat up to 8 people and was awarded Consumer's Digest's "Best Buy" award in the Premium category. If offers 67 highly sophisticated massage jets and 4 full therapy seats! Many called this the best hot tub ever created. 


Yeah, you are probably saying, a hot tub would a phenomenal gift, but...let me stop you right now. Hot tubs are easy to maintain, upkeep does not cost a fortune, and they are increasingly energy efficient. They are perfectly safe for the majority of people to use. A hot tub will give your loved one better sleep, stress relief, pain relief, and will provide a venue for alone time as well as socializing and entertainment. A hot tub provides convenient relaxation, easy luxury, on-site entertainment, effortless extravagance; no diamond earrings or flannel pajamas will communicate your love in a more real and obvious way.

Questions? Give us a call, one of our hot tub experts will be glad to answer all of your questions and will help you pick out the hot tub that will work best for you and will literally be the BEST GIFT EVER!

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