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Home, Sweet Homecrest

Being what I consider a patio furniture aficionado (yes, I am that cool) I have long admired the Homecrest brand. The quality of their furniture is undeniable; they use the best materials and manufacturing methods to ensure that every piece of furniture is built for years of use and enjoyment. They are one of the few companies that have an entire “side” business manufacturing replacement cushions and slings for their pieces; not because they have a tendency to wear out, but because people keep this furniture for so many years! Years and years. Decades! It’s that good.  

I have heard someone describe Homecrest as “old-fashioned” because some of their collections have been in production for over half a century. In the words of the late great Michael Jackson, that’s just ignorant.  For one thing, great design never goes out of style. This furniture is not a pair of high-waist acid washed jeans. Classics become classics for a reason. Some of their earliest designs are still in production because they remain current and relevant.

That being said, the Homecrest Company is a master of innovation! No, it is THE MASTER of innovation. They have significant features incorporated into their patio furniture that brings it to a whole new level of comfort and style.

How do I love thee, Homecrest Patio Furniture? Let me count the ways…

Double-slings.  Rather than use one piece of fabric which is sewn to a rubber cable and inserted into a channel (and may or may not be able to take Aunt Tessie’s considerable bulk), Homecrest crafts a two sided sling which is fitted over a frame. The result is a super comfortable, durable patio chair with a finished, tailored appearance.  

Self-adjusting chaises. Come on! That’s genius! Who wants to drag their dozing, sweaty, chillin’ by the pool selves to the back of a chaise to move the brackets for an adjustment? Just a tiny twerk and you can move Homecrest’s self-adjusting chaise to the position you desire, and stay in that Pina Colada haze the entire afternoon.

Unique swivel mechanisms. Back in the day, Homecrest designed a swivel rocker assembly incorporating ball-bearings which they patented and is still in use. It offers the option of adjusting how hard or soft a chair will rock, as well as a smooth glide. They have also recently instituted the “AlumaRoc” swivel, which is all-aluminum, adjustable and offers an equally smooth rocking motion. 

Comfort Recliner. The Comfort Recliner is a chaise but isn’t a chaise. It’s a chair, but not a chair. It is, however, the most comfortable thing you will ever have in your backyard. Or anywhere. You may even throw out the Lazyboy and bring it inside.

Adjustable table. Why does no one else do this? Homecrest has a 30” round, glass top side table that has an adjustable height. Extra company for dinner? Raise the table and you have additional dining for two.

Art and design. Homecrest has been producing some incredible collections these past few years that are anything but old-fashioned. They are fresh and modern and sacrifice none of the quality and comfort for which Homecrest is known. Some of my personal favorites include the Andover, a new take on the Adirondack chair; the Belair Collection; and the Grace Deep Seating Collection. The Airo 2 is an ultra-modern look that is also fabulous. 

Andover Adirondack Chair          Bellaire by Homecrest

You know what else I like about Homecrest? They aren’t afraid of steel. Steel is kind of awesome. Yes, if you neglect it, it can rust. But all it takes to fix that is a little sand-paper and some spray paint and voila! Good for another decade. Those vintage Homecrest pieces that people are selling on etsy and ebay, mid-century Madmen marvels of wire and design,  are steel. And they look amazing!

I could go on for hours; the firepit tables, the cushions, the café line…but you can look for yourself at Homecrest.com.

Home, Sweet Homecrest.

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