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An economic way to bring home the therapeutic benefits of massage!

The Talia Massage ChairPicture private massages in your bedroom, living room, home gym, basement or den. Imagine beckoning a private masseuse that never tires and never submits a bill. From young athletes to retirees, everyone benefits from routine massages.

What is an economic way to bring home the therapeutic benefits of massage? The answer lies in Massage Chairs by Cozzia from Family Leisure (view Cozzia Massage Chairs here). The full line from Cozzia offers the very best massage chair technology with models that range in price. Let's review some of these models, their cost and their benefits.

The Talia Massage Chair
Cost: Entry Level

View The Talia Massage Chair Here

The Talia Home Massage Chair from Cozzia (Cozzia Massage Chair # EC-360D; pictured above right) is perfectly priced for anyone wishing to add a massage chair without breaking the bank. The Talia is the best massage chair available at this price point, providing great return for your investment.

Why? It offers all of the basic massage programs from Cozzia: Shiatsu, dual action, tapping, kneading, rolling and clapping massages. You will find these basic massage programs on all of the chairs from Cozzia; the Talia is basically a stripped down version of these other chairs. You have the ability to adjust the intensity and speed of these manual massages, targeting specific areas of your body.

The Celine Massage ChairThe Celine Massage Chair
Cost: Medium Price

View The Celine Massage Chair Here

Modern and sleek with a beautiful khaki leather surface, the Celine Home Massage Chair from Cozzia (Cozzia Massage Chair # EC-326; pictured left) provides a great look and all of the features you would expect in a massage chair. Sit back, hit one of the five automatic massage programs and relax as the day's stress is erased from your body. Choose between gentle, relax, therapy, vigorous and air automatic programs.

The Celine will massage the back, legs and feet while you control the speed, intensity and strength of the rollers. This Cozzia chair provides the gentle touch of a human, but also can provide a vigorous massage, making it a great choice for families that will have both older members and young athletes receiving massages. Combine this with the contemporary look, and the Celine is perfect for living rooms and other places where friends and family gather!

The Juno Massage ChairThe Juno Massage Chair
Cost: High End

View The Juno Massage Chair Here

Showcasing everything a person could want in a home massage chair, the Juno Home Massage Chair from Cozzia (Cozzia Massage Chair # 16027; pictured right) is unsurpassed in technology, looks and comfort. The full rundown of everything loaded into this chair is breathtaking, making it quite possibly the very best massage chair on the planet.

The Juno features nine automatic programs, five whole body programs and four targeted programs. The whole body programs include healthcare, relax, therapy, smart, circulation and neck. The four targeted body massage programs include neck and shoulder, back and lumbar, lower body and the demo setting, to impress guests (just kidding).

The Juno Massage Chair RemoteThe six manual massages include kneading, tapping, clapping, Shiatsu, Swedish and rolling. You can stop these massages in certain areas of your body to target knots or other aches and pains. And the air-pressure therapy in the leg and foot rest is soothing, massaging the bottom of your feet, the ankles and lower legs.

But the greatest feature offered by the Juno could be an innovative backrest and foot rest feature (pictured left is the Juno's control panel). Cozzia calls it "Zero Gravity" or "Zero G", and this model comes with two such settings. Basically the "Zero Gravity" system lowers the backrest and heightens the footrest, making your spine decompress as you're flipped partially upside down. As blood rushes to the top of your body and your back is relieved of the stress of gravity, the chair's rollers target your lower back, lumbar and upper back. It's a special experience.

Regardless if they're an active athlete looking to help with flexibility or an active senior looking to eradicate aches and pains, having a robotic massage chair available is valuable resource. A perfect gift for any member of the family, Family Leisure offers free shipping nationwide on all massage chairs (view Family Leisure Massage Chairs here). And Cozzia Massage Chairs are the best of the best, packed with technology and offering sleek, modern looks (view Cozzia Massage Chairs from Family Leisure here).

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