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Heating Up The Hot Tub: Filters

Filter DiagramFall and winter means it's time to hang in the hot tub

As summer turns into fall, hot tubs and spas become more popular, with many owners heating up their hot tub for the very first time since the last winter. What are some of the challenges of starting up a hot tub? Well first you might have to replace the filter.

How often should you change your hot tub or spa filter? Well it depends on the type of filter your spa uses. Most Family Leisure spas and hot tubs require a certain type of filter that uses a modern micro-fabric (such as Reemay Filtration Fabric with Microban from Pleatco) to clean out dirt and debris, while a few brands use standard paper filters. Micro-fabric filters can last anywhere between five months to a year, while standard paper filters will last between one year and two years, if maintained properly.

Parts of a Micro-Fiber Spa Filter Cartridge (See Right Diagram)

  • End Caps - The end caps of a filter typically hold the manufacturer's filter number. Pleatco produces end caps made from a unique antimicrobial plastic to help defend against bacteria, which causes bad odors and filtration problems.
  • Media - The media is the micro-fabric used to clean out the bacteria, debris and dirt, such as the Reemay Filtration Fabric with Microban Fiber (spun, bonded synthetic polyester) found in Pleatco filters. The modern materials found in this media or fabric will inhibit bacteria, algae and fungi growth.
  • Pleats in the Media - Pleats or folds increase the surface area of the media or fabric, improving filtration of the hot tub water.
  • Pleat Band - A band that wraps around the media, keeping the media pleats separated over time. This prevents the pleats from collapsing on themselves, keeping them open and improving filtration efficiency.
  • Core - The core of a filter is typically made from a plastic or PVC material and runs the length internally, supporting the filter while allowing water to flow out through the media. Pleatco Free Flow Cores are molded PVC designed to be more efficient than cores with drilled holes.
  • Adaptor - The part that screws into the filter assembly of the spa or hot tub.

Filters by Manufacturer or Brand

When it comes time to replace the filter, you have several options depending on the spa or hot tub manufacturer. But you will want to match your new replacement filter with the hot tub you own. Here's a list of filters by the manufacturer:

Search by DimensionsThe Spa Filter Cartridge Search Engine

Not sure which filter is for your hot tub based on the list of manufacturers above? Try our Spa Filter Cartridge Search Engine to find the matching filter; view the Spa Filter Cartridges search engine here. There are three ways to search:

  1. You can search by part number, typically on the end-cap of the filter.
  2. Can't find the manufacturer filter number? Well, get out the measuring tape! You can also search by dimensions (see above right). You will need the diameter and length of the filter. The length is the bottom of one end cap to the bottom of the other end cap, while the diameter is across the width of the cartridge (see above right).
  3. If you know the manufacturer of your spa or hot tub, you can search by that manufacturer's name. We have dozens and dozens of hot tub and spa manufacturers listed. But if you do search by manufacturer, just know that every spa filter that will fit into any of their spas will come up, so you may end up measuring your filter anyways.

Family Leisure has the largest selection and the guaranteed lowest prices on hot tub and spa filter cartridges. We list hundreds of spa and hot tub filters in our Filter Search Engine; view the Family Leisure Spa and Hot Tub Filter Search Engine here. And all Family Leisure Spa Supplies come with Free Nationwide Shipping; view all Family Leisure Spa Supplies here.


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