How do I love thee, Hanamint?

How do I love thee, Hanamint? Let me count the ways…well, one, you produce quality cast aluminum patio furniture. Two, it is incredibly durable and long-wearing. Three, it is beautifully constructed. And four – well, look at it! Hanamint has some amazing designs that run the gamut from medieval to modern and all of them are exquisitely rendered and expertly implemented. Yes, I said medieval…as in gothic…as in pointed arches and ornate tracery…as in the golden bronze finish you find in Hanamint's St. Moritz collection. The St. Moritz, with its elaborate ornamentation and substantial trestle tables is truly unique in the panorama of patio furniture. The St. Moritz Collection includes like-nothing-you've-ever-seen dining, deep seating, a chaise lounge, glider and firepit.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Stratford Collection with its simple lines, basket-weave backs and side panels. The Stratford is a modern interpretation of cast aluminum that offers a trendy design; ideal for those who abide by the “less is more" philosophy. That philosophy does not apply, however, to the Stratford line-up. Included in this extensive collection are dining, deep seating, a chaise lounge and an amazing curved sectional with a matching round ottoman.

Hanamint St. Moritz Dining

Hanamint Estate Deep Seating Sectional

Just a look at these two collections will alert you to the fact that Hanamint is no new-comer to the world of casual living; they have long been one of the leading producers of cast aluminum patio furniture in the world. Headquartered in North Carolina, Hanamint manufactures their fine furnishings in their own factory in China. They don't outsource, so they are in complete control of the quality of furniture that is produced – and the quality is exceptional, no matter how your tastes run.

Speaking of taste, one particularly delicious Hanamint collection is also one of their most popular and enduring designs – the Grand Tuscany. As its name implies, the Grand Tuscany evokes that old world, fountain in the piazza, chateau on the hillside, rolling vineyards vibe. A more traditional take on cast aluminum, the Grand Tuscany features an elaborate yet elegant take on the lyre back chair; it is just enough to be interesting without being overwhelming. The Grand Tuscany Collection includes dining, deep seating, sectional seating, a chaise and a double chaise, glider, and firepit.


Grand Tuscany

A newer Hanamint offering is the Bella Collection; a timeless beauty, as the name implies, with a stylized anthemion splat (chairs 101; splat = back of the chair). The light and airy design belies the heavy-duty cast construction; the Bella may look delicate but it's as tough as nails. The Bella Collection includes a dining set, counter and barstool and chaise lounge.

A more masculine cast aluminum set is the Lancaster. Lancaster...doesn't that sound like someone big and tough? You know, like Burt Lancaster (for you Turner Classic Movie fans.) Just like Burt, the Lancaster Collection is classically handsome and splendidly straightforward. The Lancaster Collection includes a full line-up: dining, deep seating, counter and barstools and a chaise lounge.

Bella Dining by Hanamint

Lancaster Deep Seating by Hanamint

Oh Hanamint, I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my life*…okay, maybe not quite that much, but you do make some fantabulous furniture. And if you are shopping for patio furniture that will last and last, with just that right style, comfort and pizazz, take a look at Hanamint.

*Come on, it's Elizabeth Barrett Browning! Google it! Sonnet 43. What do they teach kids in school these days?!

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