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Gifts for Hot Tub Owners

If you have one of those people who are impossible to buy for, and they happen to own a hot tub, how about some accessory items to go with that tub? Or, if you are buying someone a hot tub for Christmas, wrapping some spa accessories to put under the tree can be the big lead up to the big surprise.

Family Leisure offers several items that would be perfect for either scenario. A gift card is always a great idea; it's easy to buy, easy to wrap and allows the recipient to choose what he or she would like. Gift card not your style? Consider some of these ideas:

Make water chemistry easy with a TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader by Hach. This handy little gadget is fast and accurate, and will test spa water for pH, alkalinity, bromine or chlorine; results in 15 seconds!

The Paradise Spa Vac by King Technology makes it easy to keep that spa water crystal clear; it will trap 99.9% of debris. It requires no batteries (yay!) and is easy to operate with no pumping involved. It comes with a 7' aluminum telescopic pole.

The Cover Rx by Cover Valet is designed to help remove a spa cover easily, and provides a place for the cover to be stored when it is not in use. It can be installed on any side of the tub and requires a small 18" clearance to be used. It requires no drilling, causes no stress on the cover seam, and can be easily operated by one person.

The Cover Rock-It, also by Cover Valet, offers a simple design that makes it easy to remove and store a spa cover and will fit most hot tubs, even those measuring up to 96". The Cover Rock-It slips behind the spa to keep the cover out of eye-shot when not in use.

One more option by Cover Valet for cover removal is the Cover Caddy. This cover remover is powered by a gas spring, providing effortless removal and handling of the spa cover. It installs in minutes, and will make using the spa an even more pleasurable experience.

How about a Spa Side LED Handrail? Cover Valet has designed a handrail to increase the safety of spa use for the old, the young, and anyone else who might need a little help getting into the tub. The battery operated LED light guides passage into the tub in the dark.

If the spa in question is exposed to the elements, consider the Spa Side Umbrella by Cover Valet. Rain, snow, sun? No problem! The easy crank and tilt mechanism and 360 degree swivel allows for coverage of the hot tub in any situation.

Concerned about chemical use? How about a Filter Frog by King Technology? This incredible mineral sanitizer helps spa owners reduce the usage of chlorine or bromine by up to 50%. It simply drops into the spa cartridge and will start destroying bacteria on contact.

The Miracle Pads Maintenance Starter Kit by Swimline is a perfect stocking stuffer. The Miracle Kit is designed to help spa (and pool) users clean in hard-to-reach places, without the use of chemicals or detergents.

How about a Filter Flosser Cartridge Cleaner by Filter Flosser? All you do is attach the cleaner to a garden hose; the specially designed cleaner will pressure wash the filter pleats, easily removing dirt and build-up.

Time flies when you are doing nothing! This outdoor Luis Wall Clock by Howard Miller offers a double-sided clock and thermometer; the clock features an antique iron finish and features three rubber seals which protect if from inclement weather.

Hot tubs mean towels; this gorgeous cast aluminum towel rack by Hanamint would look very nice next to any hot tub. Its available in either desert bronze or black and is designed to be weather-resistant; ideal for year round use.

Other ideas to consider; spa-friendly aromatherapy products (make sure they are designed for use in a hot tub!!); candles for ambiance; beach towels or bath sheets; a luxurious robe and outdoor friendly slippers; a bottle of champagne with unbreakable champagne flutes; waterproof playing cards; a patio heater; inflatable spa pillow; waterproof ear buds.



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