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Fall in Love With Gensun

Grand Terrace Bar HeightI have made no secret of the fact that I am a patio furniture enthusiast; maybe that doesn’t make me the coolest kid on the block, but the heart loves what it loves. Speaking of love, it was patio furniture that made me believe in love at first sight. Yep, I fell absolutely, completely, head-over-heels in love the first time I ever saw Gensun’s cast aluminum patio furniture. The Grand Terrace collection, specifically, although I have been enamored of several other collections since that initial encounter.

The first thing I noticed about Gensun’s Grand Terrace was the incredible finish. Up to that time, I had never seen anything on cast aluminum furniture quite like it. This particular finish was their Vintage powder-coat; smooth and satiny, with astonishing depth of color. The surface was so silky I absolutely could not stop touching it; if it had been a person instead of a patio table I probably would have been arrested.

After I got past the Grand Terrace’s “complexion” I began to notice the details. The details! O.M.G. Nothing on this set of patio furniture has been left to chance; every inch of it has been carefully designed and adorned to create a complex and incredibly pleasing tableau. The Grand Terrace chair has a beautifully balanced loop design back with a “rope” motif on the trim that is repeated on the table. You will also find this same motif on the swivel bottom! The swivel! Most companies pretend the swivel doesn’t matter, that it has no importance as far as the design of the furniture goes, but one look at the Grand Terrace swivel rocker and you will see this is not true. The Grand Terrace swivel rocks. Yes, pun intended. If that isn’t enough, someone got the idea to make a Grand Terrace “wicker” sling version; the sling resembles embossed leather and is an amazing complement to the Grand Terrace frame.

The Grand Terrace isn’t the only Gensun “hottie” - there are so many unique and beautiful designs, including the San Marino, the Dynasty, and the Bella Vista. And Vintage is just one of an array of those mesmerizing finishes; another favorite of mine is Midnight Gold.

Gensun isn’t just a pretty face; you can take this furniture home to meet your momma. Gensun uses 356 aluminum alloy, the best available, and a molding process that allows them to produce smooth, intricate castings. The aluminum frames are submitted to an 8-stage cleaning process to ensure that silky finish and an excellent adhesion of the powder-coating. Gensun, a family owned company, produces everything from the raw materials to the cushions.

And speaking of cushions, from seat pads to deep seating, Gensun cushions are specifically tailored to fit their furniture. They look fantastic and are incredibly comfortable as well. Designed to be used in all sorts of weather, the cushions are easy to clean and quick-drying. They are also customizable in a huge array of outdoor fabrics, featuring the Sunbrella brand, with awesome names like “Volare Desert” and “Mainstreet Wren.”

Spring is on its way; flowers will be blooming, birds and bees will be bird-ing and bee-ing – now is the perfect time to fall in love with your favorite collection of patio furniture from Gensun Casual.

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