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Game Room Lighting

We are calling a do-over on the interior design of game rooms everywhere, including our own. At Family Leisure, we’ve helped to build hundreds of game rooms from the ground up.

One of the things we consider over and over is the timelessness of game pieces like pool tables, poker tables, bar sets, and more. We emphasize the benefit of choosing furniture style game pieces to create a luxury ambiance in game rooms. Rather than suggesting plastic foosball tables, we suggest sleek, attractive wooden ones. Instead of stripped down pool hall billiard tables, we stress the benefit of heirloom furniture style pool tables. We believe that a game room is not just four walls that house game boards and tables, but a room that, when done properly, facilitates relaxation and camaraderie.

But one piece has been missing all along, the central feature that ties rooms together like no other feature can: lighting. In our own homes and showrooms, we’re now changing out old game room lighting to feature new classy, contemporary pendants, and with the flick of a switch, voila!, our game rooms are transformed into warm, contemporary, ambient settings.

It took us years to come to know the power of game room lighting, and now we’re spreading the word. Game room lighting matters, deeply. No longer can we stand to watch pool table lighting fall flat above a beautiful dark heirloom pool table. We’re urging everyone we know to take an extra moment to browse cutting edge pool table lighting options. Chandelier style pendants, two toned patterned inset lighting, and more are here to save your space.

Game rooms were once treated as low budget man caves, reserved for the man of the house, with his spittoon and plastic folding chairs. Now, fathers and sons gather around the game table for a round of chess, families sit at the game room bar to root for their home team, and couples entertain by hosting a game night. The game room in your home may be quickly and easily transformed into an inviting, romantic, ambient environment with the flick of a new, classy, upscale lighting fixture.

Take a look at what we’ve handpicked for our own game room lighting department here

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