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Build A Game Room from Scratch - Ask Our Designer!

Memphis Pool TableIn this edition of Game Room Ideas, let's explore creating a full lineup of game room furniture that not only matches each other, but a high-end pool table. Are you creating a game room from scratch? This can be difficult while shopping online, so if the suggestions mentioned here just aren't working for you, give us a call at 877.775.3478 or Ask Our Designer for help.

The pool table is the centerpiece of the game room, so starting with this item is prudent. There are several billiard table manufacturers to choose from including American Heritage, Brunswick, Leisure Select, Cannon Billiards, Lexington Billiards and Imperial Billiards; view all Family Leisure Pool Tables here.

American Heritage, Brunswick and Leisure Select offer high-end billiard tables, while Cannon and Lexington feature middle-of-the-road tables. Imperial stands out for their line of National Football League pool tables, complete with team logos and team colors. Dozens and dozens of options exist, each offering different styles, finishes, materials, themes and sizes.

Let's wade through all of these choices and pick a pool table. The Memphis from Leisure Select (pictured above right) offers a dark Antique Walnut finish and a traditional design (features such as claw-and-ball feet, etc.). If a classic billiard lounge similar to the old game parlors popular in political and athletic clubs during the 19th century is the goal, the Memphis is a great place to start; view the Memphis by Leisure Select here.

Now let's tackle the challenge of matching the billiard accessories and game room furniture to the pool table. The best way to accomplish this is to consider a manufacturer that offers a full line of matching furniture and accessories, such as R.A.M. Game Room Products.

The Memphis showcases a beautifully rich Antique Walnut finish. R.A.M. offers a Cappuccino color that is similar to this Leisure Select finish. While they will not exactly match, they are close enough in color the naked eye will not know the difference.

Backed Bar Stool - CappuccinoWhat pieces does the R.A.M. Game Room line of Cappuccino furniture and accessories offer? Everything you need to build a complete game room:

And these seating options:

Each model is created for use in a game room with a pool table. The wall pub shelves and wall tables feature two pool cue notches on each end (for a total of four), so players can place their pool cues in the notches as they grab a drink or a bite of food.

Pub Table - CappuccinoThe designs from R.A.M. are traditional and will match the Memphis. A great example is the pub table (pictured left), which resembles antique Chippendale or Federal candle stands. But classic motifs and forms can be found throughout each piece in this Cappuccino collection, such as turnings, stylish feet, cabriole legs and circular veneered patterns in the table tops.

The complete game room will offer a billiard table, billiard accessories, several seats (typically stools for better views of the room), furniture tables and a bar. View All Family Leisure Pool Tables here. View All Family Leisure Billiard Accessories here. View All Family Leisure Bar Stools here. View All Family Leisure Pub Tables here. View All Family Leisure Bars here.

Creating a game room from scratch can be hard! Hopefully this edition of Game Room Ideas helps amateur interior designers navigate their options. Overwhelmed? Are you building a game room from scratch and need advice? Give us a call at 877.775.3478 or Ask Our Designer for help! All pool tables, billiard accessories and game room furniture comes at the guaranteed lowest prices with free shipping nationwide from Family Leisure!

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