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Game Night in the Hot Tub

Everyone knows one of the main reasons to have a hot tub is for relaxation (unless you are using it for time travel purposes). Sometimes, however, particularly when you have a lot of company in the tub, you might want to do something a little more interactive. The following games and ideas are G-rated for family fun. 


Fill a balloon as full as you can get it without it bursting. Players sit in a circle and pass the balloon, holding it over their heads. Eventually it is going to pop and someone is going to get a cold shower. Hilarity will ensue.


Actually, the object of this game is to not sink the “ship” which happens to be an empty plastic cup. The game requires two cups. Place one cup in the center of the tub and pass the other cup around the circle. Each player pours some water into the empty cup and counts to 5 to allow the cup to settle; then passes the cup to the next player. Whoever happens to sink the cup is out and has to remove themselves from the game and/or the tub.


Toss 4 or 5 ping-pong balls into the hot tub. Each player has to avoid being touched by a ball. Players can move around the tub to avoid the balls, but feet have to stay submerged. If a player is touched by a ball, he or she has to remove themselves from the tub. Each time a person gets out, add one ping pong ball to the tub.


Divide into two teams. You will need two floating objects; those little yellow rubber ducks come to mind. The object of the game is to make your object touch one of the other team members before they get their object to touch one of your team members. The only way to move the object is with air and jets; no making waves, no blowing, just jets and air.


Divide into two teams. Once again, you need a ping pong ball or mix it up with a whiffle ball. The object of the game is to get the ball to touch the opposing team’s wall. This is more of an anything goes game; you can make waves, blow on it, splash – but no touching.  Every time the ball makes it to the wall, the team gets a point. Play to however many points you want; the winning team gets to impose a penalty on the losers.

Not all games have to involve floating ping pong balls; there are waterproof cards and games specifically designed for use in a hot tub. Look for waterproof playing cards, UNO has UNO H2O; Swimline has a floating chess/checkers board.

And, of course, there are games you can play with no props at all. (No waterproof googling allowed).


The object of the game is to think of as many celebrities who have names that begin with a designated letter. The first person will pick a random letter of the alphabet; for example, “B” and name a celebrity, “Beyoncé.” The next person has to name a celebrity whose name begins with the same letter “Brad” (as in Mr. Jolie) and so on and so on. You can say either first or last names; make it more difficult by using last names only.
Another version: start with the letter “A” and name a celebrity; the next person does “B”, the next “C” and so on (yes there is; Xander Berkeley and Xavier Samuel, for example).


The object of the game is to think of as many celebrities who share the same name as possible. For example, pick a name “Brad” and name as many “Brads” as you can (Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Brad Paisley, Brad Garrett, Brad Dourif)


The object of the game is to pick a category of your choosing (i.e. green vegetables). The first person names a veggie, for example, “carrot” – the next person has to name a green vegetable that begin with the last letter of the previous choice. So the next vegetable could be “turnip” then the next vegetable could be “pea” and so on. You can pick any category you want; rock stars or bands, politicians, countries, anything.


The object of this game is to communicate with questions only. You can make no statements or you are out of the game. This sounds easy but is very difficult to do.
An even more difficult version of this game: The first person asks a question. The second person answers the question while asking a question of the third person. For example “How are you?” Second person might say to third person “Are you feeling as good as I am? Third person might say “I’ve been better, have you?” and so on.


This game is as simple as it gets but can be a lot of fun in the right circumstances. The object of the game is to not laugh while saying the words “ha-ha” “hee-hee” and “ho-ho.” The first person says “ha-ha” The next person says “hee-hee” while the next person says “ho-ho.” The game continues around the circle until someone laughs.

Make family (and friend) fun night more interesting; enjoy bonding together over some games in the hot tub. And when you are all played out, crank up those jets and relax. It’s a win-win!   

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