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Cooking Up Some Magic

There’s a tiny little arsonist in all of us; well, at least in the men, who, for that reason, reign supreme over cooking outdoors. Maybe it’s because, in this world of bottled water, hand sanitizers and conditioned air a caveman gene has survived, something primal and elemental, that makes grilling big chunks of bloody meat over an open fire incredibly appealing. Or maybe it’s because grilled meat (and veggies) taste so good.  Whatever the motivation, cooking and grilling outside on a Fire Magic grill is just like the name implies – magic. With fire.

Fire Magic, an RH Petersen company, has been in the outdoor grill business for three quarters of a century. This California company manufactures every Fire Magic grill and grill accessories in the USA. You can still get your caveman thrill but you will be cooking on a fabulous commercial grade stainless steel grill that is the height of grilling luxury. Fire Magic grills are arguably among the finest grills on the market and are unsurpassed in design and quality. Purchase a Fire Magic grill and you will also get one of the best and longest warranties, along with the most dedicated, customer friendly company in the industry.

There are so many qualities that set Fire Magic grills apart; they are all constructed with commercial grade 304 stainless steel, have cast stainless steel burners, cooking grids and stainless steel housing. Their heavyweight, stick resistant stainless steel cooking grids provide an optimum heating surface. Fire Magic grills feature an innovative heat distribution system with patented stainless steel Flavor Grids that reduce flare ups customary with briquette systems.  They offer more cooking surface area than similar grills; more cooking surface equals more hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and corn on the cob! The unique “Five Ways to Cook” system allows you the option to sear, grill, smoke, spit roast on a rotisserie and even go old school with charcoal.

In fact, one of the Fire Magic grills that is seriously cool is the Aurora A830 which offers you the option to cook with gas and/or charcoal; there are two grill heads, side by side, that offer up a total of 828 square inches of cooking surface. Half is gas controlled, half is charcoal. It also features a wood chip smoker and you can add a rotisserie! It’s the mother of all outdoor grills!

Fire Magic was featured in Esquire Magazine’s “Great American Things” holiday gift collection and rated “damn good” – check it out at MadeCollection.com. They were also featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article about the future of home building. The Journal described Fire Magic’s grills as “grilling at another level”  and mentions the exclusive “hot surface ignition system” that guarantees a light in any weather. Fire Magic also made an appearance at JustLuxe.com, a website dedicated to the “affluent lifestyle.”

You don’t have to have an affluent lifestyle to enjoy a Fire Magic grill; they come in all sizes and price ranges. No matter how much you spend, you can be assured that you are getting the best grill for the money. Cook up some magic with a Fire Magic grill!

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