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A Quick Review of Tanning Beds by ESB Enterprises!

Radiance 20 RVL Collagen Bed ESB Enterprises has been a leader in the Home Tanning Bed industry for decades. Their full line of beds hits every type, size and lamp count available, from sit-down beds to stand-up units, from basic 16 bulb models to massive 36 bulb behemoths! They even offer the Radiance Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed pictured right view the Radiance Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed here), an innovative bed that doesn't tan but offers collagen-building red light therapy.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the best tanning bed amongst the hundreds of choices. So for this blog, let's explore ESB tanning beds. A quick review will help any shopper navigate through clutter and find the bed that's best for their situation.The Grande 16 has been a hit since it was introduced 15 years ago; view the Grande 16 here. It was the first home tanning bed with reflector style lamps producing 50% more tanning power. It was a remarkable innovation, and it still beats out many other brands of 24 lamp beds. The Grande 16 has more to offer than just the typical tanning experience. Get a perfectly balanced tan with 12 ESB Sunergy pink and blue lamps designed to address the face and arms. Plus enjoy a 1,000 hour lamp life and a 100 watt lamp performance.

The Grande 20 by ESB offers beauty, power and premium home tanning performance; view the Grande 20 here. Consider all of these standard features offered by the Grande 20: 20 ESB Sunergy Reflector pink and blue lamps for the face and arms with 2,000 watts of tanning power, high-gloss tanning lamp reflectors, a total body cooling system and ultra-clear acrylics for a deep, dark tanning.

Avalon 24 Tanning Bed

The Avalon 24 (view the Avalon 24 here) has been ESB's most popular home tanning bed for over a decade. It has a sleek, modern, beautiful design and provides exceptional tanning power and performance. You’ll enjoy a deeper, darker, tanning experience with this tanning bed.

How? The Avalon 24’s Sun Express “swirl and reflector” tanning lamps and ESB’s unique face and arm technology (pink and blue lamps), creates 80% more power than any other brand. For an extremely effective model, you can't go wrong with the Avalon 24. 

The Avalon 28 from ESB (view the Avalon 28 here) could be the very best tanning bed available on the market today. With a 17 minute max tan time, the Avalon 28 is ESB’s most powerful tanning bed. There are 18 unique ESB swirl, pink and blue lamps. Overall there are 28 total sun express reflector lamps, granting 80% more tanning power than any other home tanning bed. 

No other brand can compare with the versatility of the Radiance 26 Trio by ESB; view the Radiance 26 Trio here. Enhance your look with bronzing, Vitamin D and red light therapy, all in one package. Enjoy the bronzing lamps for a softer, gentler, golden glow.

The Radiance 26 allows sunbathers to get UVB light that produces essential Vitamin D, just like sitting out in the sun. And renew with Red Light UV-Free facial rejuvenation, for a younger looking you. The Radiance 26 showcases trio bronzing combined with red light therapy; what more could you ask for? 

Family Leisure offers tanning beds for sale at the very best prices; view all Family Leisure Tanning Beds here. And Family Leisure carries ESB tanning beds at the lowest possible prices; view all ESB Tanning Beds from Family Leisure here. All tanning beds come with free shipping nationwide and the best customer service experience available on the web. Call Family Leisure today at 877.775.3478!

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